Trump's Bump Includes 'Non-Black' Minorities Breaking From Biden

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Obviously, Alvin Bragg’s World Famous Circus and Sideshow gave Trump a boost in campaign donations and popularity. It has been noted that many have swung to the Trump camp over the patently ridiculous judicial sketch that is well on its way to becoming the 21st-century version of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First?” routine.


While the surge in conservative popularity was predictable, there has also been a loss of support for Biden among non-whites. In this case, “non-black” minorities. One may assume that the term refers to Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, Asians, people of Middle Eastern Heritage, and those who hail from or have roots in the Indian subcontinent. But who knows? This is a country where white people can magically become black because they feel that way. And where white women can become Native Americans based on family stories, sympathy, or a few percentage points in their genetic profile. So we’ll just call these people “non-black minorities” and leave it at that. Otherwise, I’ll be typing all day.

Rasmussen Reports conducted a two-part national poll of 971 likely voters beginning March 30, which corresponded to the day of Trump’s indictment, and ending the day that he was arraigned. The question? “If the 2024 presidential election were between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, who would you vote for?” According to a report by CNS News, Trump out-polled Biden, 47% to 40%. By contrast in February, Biden led Trump by 45%-42%.


Support for Biden by non-black minority respondents fell by 11 points, dropping from 47% to 36%. White voters also expressed their displeasure with the sitting president, with their support down from 43% to 37%. Fifty-eight percent of black respondents still backed Biden, which is an increase from 54% in February. Broken down by income, 59% of respondents making more than $200,000 per year said that they would vote for Biden, while 30% backed Trump. The poll showed that 58% of respondents who made less than $30,000 would cast a vote for Trump, while 28% said that they would vote for the incumbent.

The Daily Mail notes that Trump currently enjoys the support of 83% of Republicans and 44% of independents. Conversely:

Pollsters found that 70 percent of Democrats said they’d support the current White House occupant, while 36 percent of independents say they’d back Biden.

He also gets the support of 11 percent of Republicans.

It is noteworthy that 17% of Democrats who responded said that they would vote for Trump, although they probably whispered that into their phones from someplace where no one else would hear them.


Many are attributing the spike in support for Trump to the theatrical presentation by the graduates of the Klown Kollege Law School and those for whom the term “pass the bar” means that they prefer to sip their Chardonnay at home. And that’s definitely a factor.

But the fact that even “non-black” minorities and a smidgen of Democrats are losing faith may show that the New York legal shuffle is also crystalizing what they knew all along but were afraid to admit — that the nation is becoming a dumpster fire. And no matter what your politics may be, once the flames start threatening your own home, you can’t ignore the fire anymore.


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