Weekend Parting Shot: Movie Review!

Jorge Gonzalez

So, we aren’t supposed to use profanity on PJ Media. But let’s be honest: it’s been one helluva week, hasn’t it? And I’m not trying to be funny. I volunteered to cover the first reports of the Nashville shootings. Even going back to my early days as a journalist, I hated covering things like that. I know some media people love the adrenaline rush that comes with a disaster since they can channel their inner Edward R. Murrow. But I always hated those moments, and this was no exception. And I don’t think anyone could have foreseen the chain reaction of insanity from the media and the rest of the Left that was triggered by that atrocity. I don’t think any of us were particularly surprised by it, but somewhere deep inside, many of us thought that the Left might dig deep and find a little humanity. Emphasis on the word “might.” Of course, the Left behaved exactly as one would have expected. That algorithm is pretty powerful.


Then Trump got indicted. Just when we thought that the chattering class, the celebrities, and the person down the street with way too many cats and way too many signs in her yard could not become any more insufferable, we were proved wrong. Just let me know when Chairman Soros publishes his “little blue book” and they start hanging his quotes from the walls. Should be any day now.

All of the sewage takes a toll on a person. The constant drumbeat of doom has made me think about retiring my pen on more than one occasion over the past two weeks. And if it gets tough to write about it, it gets tough to read about it. So in all sincerity, give yourself a break this weekend. I’m serious about that. You need some time away. Trust me, the world will still be going to hell in a handbasket on Monday. Take a couple of days off and go see a movie.

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Yes, I know, Hollywood has become Hollywoke, and everyone there hates us. But my wife and I took a night to go to the movies recently, and for a change, I was nicely surprised. We don’t go to the flicks often these days because most of the offerings are, well, something that was cattle feed on a previous day. But we rolled the dice and took a chance on 65.


If you haven’t seen it, I’ll try not to throw too many spoilers your way, Basically, 65 million years ago, an alien (played by Adam Driver) crash-lands on Earth. To get out, he and a young girl have to fight their way through dinosaurs to reach their escape pod. And what’s more, the meteor that caused the Chicxulub Event is just hours away from impact. So if the dinosaurs don’t get them, the meteor will. All in all, it’s a fascinating premise and to be honest, a really fun movie. The dinosaurs are not cute; no one gazes at them in awe like in the first Jurassic Park installment. Nor are they the evil, cold, calculating, hyper-intelligent predators in the Jurassic sequels. The dinosaurs in 65 are just doing what dinosaurs probably did. There is one scene where a baby dinosaur meets a hideous end at the jaws of raptors, but the movie doesn’t moralize about it. It’s just portrayed as a part of life in the primeval forest.

I looked up the reviews. The academics groused that the dinosaurs were all wrong and that the movie was set in the wrong era. Movie critics said that the story pace was too slow and that there was no character development. I suppose they have to say things like that since they are paid handsomely to watch movies and complain about them. Answers in Genesis warned readers that the movie was a subtle attempt at spreading the Theory of Evolution. Actually, I don’t think that’s true, and here’s why. Besides the nifty special effects and weird storyline, what makes 65 a good movie is what it doesn’t do: it doesn’t preach at you. There are no references to climate change, gender, abortion, CRT, or any politics of any kind. There’s no lesson to be learned and no lecture to suffer through. It’s just a guy running around shooting dinosaurs with a ray gun. I have no idea what the political views are of the stars or the producers. And they don’t bother to tell you, which is a welcome break from everything else in the world. Not every movie has to be a civics lecture or Citizen Kane. And it is perfectly okay to go to the movies to eat some popcorn and have fun.


So go see 65 this weekend and take a break from the world. You’ve earned it. And be sure to stick around for the cool wrap-up during the closing credits.


Wine Recommendation: Like you even need a reason at this point?

Before you head off to the cinema, I suggest swinging by your local store and picking up a bottle of Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc. I admit to having a weakness for dry, white wines, but this one will appeal to just about everyone except extreme devotees of dark, super-sweet reds. But there’s no talking to some people.

Australia and New Zealand offer some great wines. While Australian wines have gotten some significant play over the years, and Argentinian and Chilean wines are in vogue, people tend to forget New Zealand. The flavor is going to vary from vintage to vintage, but you can look forward to a little lemon-lime flavor, and I caught just a hint of melon. It’s fruity but still dry and a very refreshing and relaxing wine if you put a little chill on it before opening the bottle. Like most whites, it works well with seafood, provided it is a lighter meal, and it can also go perfectly with a salad entrée. Or if you just want to hang in the backyard with a cheese plate (provided the weather ever warms up), it would go well with goat cheese.

The winery has been around since the early ’60s and is located in one of the driest parts of New Zealand. This wine comes from the Wairau Valley. Because the region usually experiences very warm days and cool nights during the late summer and early fall, the grapes usually reach just the right amount of acidity.  This gives the wine not only a good nose but a balanced taste. In some areas, it can be a little pricy, but that is more of a regional issue and you should be able to find a bottle at around $15. Which is not a bad price for what you get.


That’s it for me. Take some time off. Eat some good food, enjoy the beverage of your choice, and spend some quality time with the people you love. I’ll see you on Monday.


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