Prostitutes Join the World Elites at Davos

Michael Albans

The intellectual, economic, and social elites have gathered at Davos to discuss how to impose their agenda on the rest of the world — um, I mean, chart a better course for our future. Yeah, that’s what I meant.


Ostensibly, our betters are in Switzerland to discuss and promote equity, unity, and sustainability, and topics of discussion include the polar crisis, the internet, global collaboration, and green energy. And those are just a few of the issues they will cover. World and national leaders, including Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), as well as captains of industry, are all in attendance. Vice-Premier of the People’s Republic of China Liu He is among the luminaries to grace the speaker’s list, as is Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his wife, and, of course, John Kerry. But what do all those people do when they are not wrestling with the important issues of our day? Well, I am not sure what the “big names” do, but apparently, at least some of the attendees at Davos are partying hard and enjoying the services of members of the world’s oldest profession.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, the demand for sex workers goes through the roof when the elites gather in Davos every year. Because nothing shows someone’s commitment to creating a better world than flying in prostitutes. Yep, human trafficking. Nothing sketchy about that.

Many of the prostitutes are housed in the same hotel as the attendees and wear business attire so as not to draw attention to themselves. One sex worker named Liana told Bild magazine that she wears a long coat and business clothes to blend in adding, “There are strict controls, you can’t get into some hotels.”


From Bild:

The prostitute has an appointment with a regular customer, an American, for the evening. “Whenever he’s in Switzerland, he calls.” That happens several times a year. She charges the equivalent of 700 euros for a little hour, and anyone who wants to spend the night with her pays 2,300 euros. Plus travel expenses.

The demand for prostitutes is high at every economic summit — this is also what the manager of an escort service from Aargau, 170 kilometers away, says. She has received eleven reservations and 25 inquiries so far, she told the Swiss newspaper “20 Minuten”. She assumes that there will be significantly more over the course of the week. “Some also book escorts for themselves and their employees to party in the hotel suite,” the newspaper quoted them as saying.

Liana said that she prefers British and American clients to German patrons since Germans do not tip very well. She did not name her clients out of fear of litigation. The Bild article also talked about a man who runs an escort service in Zurich who said inquiries spike at the start and the end of the conference. He does not arrange to have sex workers at the event since there is not a great enough return on the investment.

So these people will leave Davos to tell us to do more with less, lower our expectations, and yes, probably eat bugs. Collectively, they have the power to do just that, and they will do so after spending a week indulging in booze, parties, and hookers. That in and of itself should not be surprising. What should be surprising is the number of people who continue to trumpet the benefits of this meeting and the heroism of the people who attend it.


Maybe they honestly do not care about human trafficking and the hypocrisy of the attendees or are just fully invested in the idea of transforming the world. It would appear that for those protesting, the biggest concern is the presence of oil companies at the meeting. That hypocrisy has them up in arms. The fact that people attending the event are using and degrading other human beings does not seem to be a cause for alarm. And the attendees certainly don’t care. After all, once you reach that level, you make the laws. You don’t have to follow them.


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