With People Like This, Who Needs White Supremacists?

(Gerry Melendez/The State via AP)

You may have never heard of him, but Dylann Cruz is a bad dude. So bad, in fact, that he made race-driven posts on Facebook complete with a Confederate flag. According to MRCTV, one post read that Dylann and his friends were “coming to [the] Opelika Alabama fair to kill every NEGRO that we lay eye contact on so be prepared. WHITE POWER.” Another said: “We are coming to Opelika Alabama Fair October 4-8 to let it shine” The fair in question is actually the Lee County Fair.


Cue the outrage over racism and white supremacy, right? Wrong. No prize for you today. As it turns out, authorities take these kinds of posts seriously and tracked down the mysterious Dylann Cruz. It turns out, Dylann Cruz is an 18-year-old black man from Lafayette, LA, named Pharrell Smith. WRBL notes that Smith is currently being held in Louisiana for attempt to commit murder/other crime, criminal mischief, discharging a gun in an occupied building or vehicle, discharging a firearm within city limits, and reckless endangerment. Once he is released in Louisiana, he will be on his way to Alabama to face a charge of a terroristic threat.

The Opelika police are still investigating the incident and are asking anyone who has information to come forward.

Mr. Smith has obviously been a very busy man. When did he have time to post on Facebook? And for that matter, did he not think he would get caught? I mean c’mon, if I can get ad after ad of people pitching me retirement options and walk-in bathtubs, finding someone via Facebook is practically child’s play. Did Smith think that someone would not connect the dots and discover that there was no Dylann Cruz saluting the stars and bars, ironing his Klan hood, and stockpiling guns? Then again, criminals by and large are not exactly accomplished critical thinkers, and the idea probably seemed like a good one at the time.


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More to the point, was there a shortage of systemic and institutional racism or microaggressions? Was there not enough historic oppression? We have people in this country who can make a racial crisis out of a No. 2 pencil, so Mr. Smith’s contribution was completely unnecessary. I would make a crack about it being the icing on the cake, but then someone would ask if I meant white or chocolate icing, and no matter what I said, I would be called a racist.

Once again, actual racism has become so rare that even a low-level criminal in Louisiana feels the need to create it.

But this act is obviously the result of American racism, somehow. And I am sure Mr. Smith will have a book deal in the works soon and will be making an appearance on The View once he is released from the clink.


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