CNN’s Latest Pedo Scandal Is a Symptom of Left-Wing Derangement

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In a recent interview with the Babylon Bee, Elon Musk stated that he was not perverted enough to be on CNN. Truer words have probably been spoken in the history of the world, but not in this news cycle.


In case you missed it, Rick Saleeby, Jake Tapper’s assistant at CNN, magnanimously resigned Wednesday in the wake of allegations that he solicited nude photos from minors online. And that is about as delicately as I can put it. It probably didn’t help his case that the cops seized all things electronic from Saleeby’s home. As well they should. As someone who used to cover the courts as a journalist, I have sat through more than my fair share of stomach-churning testimony from children about the abuse they have suffered at the hands of perverts. On a mission trip to Cambodia, I met children who were not much more than six of seven whose lives had been forever defiled by sex tourists. And the fact that Saleeby fantasized about molesting his fiancé’s daughter, no less, is a testament to how far a man can fall. No doubt, Saleeby will take some time off for some important self-reflection, counseling, and healing. Bull crap. There is no shortage of criminals who have found God, gone back to church, or started counseling or college on the way up the courthouse steps. I’ve seen it a hundred times or more. You should not be surprised if at some point Saleeby decides he is transgendered in order to garner support and to avoid the punishment that he deserves for his attempt to degrade innocents to serve his twisted desires.


While it is true that sexual predators know no political or religious boundaries, this is the second incident of one of the elites at CNN facing the music for pedophilia. The first being Chris Cuomo’s producer John Griffin, who tried to entice a mother and her nine year-old daughter to submit to his deranged fantasies. And that is just scratching the surface.

But sadly, this should come as no surprise to anyone who spends any time watching the progressive media and agenda. The Left suffers from a peculiar form of derangement. So long as it continues to howl and emote over the right things and the right issues, it believes that it has a free pass to indulge in whatever behavior will satisfy its basest urges. Whether it is dinner at French Laundry or an attempt to defile little girls, as long as the Left mouths the right words, it can do whatever it wants. It is why the Left can call the destruction of black neighborhoods a peaceful demonstration and why court jesters like Brian Stelter can ask us with a straight face to care about a Garter snake at his farm house while people sleep on the streets. So long as the Left continues to mouth all of the right sentiments, and people are dense enough to believe them, the elite can continue to enjoy chardonnay, foie gras and apparently the pursuit of children for sexual pleasure, while the people in the inner cities and Indian reservations remain poor, addicted, pissed off, and none the wiser. Bread and circuses.


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Years ago, I wanted to be a White House correspondent and sent out countless resumes, soundchecks, and writing samples to the Big Three networks, in particular ABC. All of which were met with resounding silence. I’ll admit, I was let down. Apparently, I was not what they were looking for. Fast forward to the Epstein scandal. After all of that time, I realized how much of my soul I would have had to trade for those moments in the sun. It was one of those rare moments in which I realized that God was looking out for me.

I would like to say that the Left is approaching a point at which it must confront itself, but it appears that it has reached terminal velocity and has surrendered itself and its children to Moloch. And it will not be satisfied until it has sacrificed you and your children as well.


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