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4 TV Shows That Need to Be Revived

TV's reboot mania isn't slowing down.

We'll soon see a new season of "Will & Grace," and that reboot's second season already got the proverbial greenlight. We're currently binge watching fresh episodes of "Twin Peaks," and another round of "The X-Files" is in development.

That's just the start.

NBC is salivating over new episodes of "30 Rock" and "The Office," shows that have been off the air for only a few years.

Hollywood's imagination drain is very real, but there can be an upside to it. Why not revive shows that shouldn't have been cancelled in the first place? The following programs deserve a second chance. And here's why.

"The Goode Family"

"Silicon Valley" creator Mike Judge brought this ingenious idea to Fox a few years back. The animated sitcom follows the Goodes, an ultra-progressive family struggling with their own noble intentions. It wasn't great, to be honest. It proved good enough, pun partially intended. And the show's promise remained sky high when the ax fell on it.

Judge wasn't looking to berate the family in question. It's just that pious liberals offer so much raw comic material, something only partially tapped in the show's short run. What a shame to watch it fold before it got the chance to grow.