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Bodycam Footage of Shia LaBeouf Arrest Shows Actor's Racist Comments

Actor Shia LeBeouf has been a pretty vocal critic of President Trump through his "He Will Not Divide Us" performance art piece attempts. It may be a noble sentiment, but based on what we hear from LaBeouf on bodycam footage from his arrest in Savannah, Ga., this past weekend, it's not like he really believes it.

For me, this raises a question. Is this what LaBeouf really thinks, or is this what he believes people down here in Georgia think?

For example, his comment "You put your own kind in the f***ing pen" indicates a belief that white people shouldn't arrest white people. But we also know that progressives like LaBeouf often have a distorted view of what other people think. They often believe that every white person in the South is deeply racist and has held onto attitudes from the Civil War.

Either way, his comments are out of line, and his bizarre claim that he'd have shot the cop if he'd had his own firearm is very troubling. After all, LaBeouf was being arrested for being a jackwagon while drunk — not an offense for which he'd serve hard time.

Yet here he is, making comments about blowing the cop's crap up if he'd been armed. This is unsurprising considering the left's attitude toward police officers.

It's been said that in wine, there is truth. I'm inclined to believe that he was speaking more out of his own heart than anything else. After all, what are most of the left's policies regarding minorities other than evidence that they believe those minorities are somehow inferior?