13 Lesser Known Tom Petty Classics You Should Add to Your Playlist

I caught Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in concert in 2010, and despite them playing for three hours (with only 15 minutes from their new album), we still left the show rattling off the favorites he didn’t get to— like he played nothing from Hard Promises, considered one of the all-time classic rock albums.

Nobody—and I mean nobody—has recorded more good songs than Tom Petty—68 singles released, and at least four times that many great songs that weren’t. Pretty much anyone can name a dozen Petty songs they consider classics.

He’s an all-American original who is a legitimate legend—and still manages to be underrated. Maybe that's because he and his outstanding bandmates just make it look so easy.

So here is a baker’s dozen of songs that weren’t big singles that you should have on your playlist, starting with the most recent.

13. American Dream Plan B (Hypnotic Eye, 2014)

A perfectly timed song about young ambition in which a young man declares:

Well, my mama so sad

Daddy’s just mad

‘Cause I ain't gonna have the chance he had

My success is anybody’s guess

But like a fool, I’m bettin’ on happiness

He decides that even if people are right that the American Dream is a “political scheme,” he’s “gonna find out for myself some day.”

Optimistic and gritty, this is an anthem for today.