Liberal Student Rejects Science Because it Discriminates Against Witchcraft

The liberal ideology of decolonization is actually a threat to human knowledge and flourishing, when taken to its fullest extent. A young woman at the University of Cape Town in South Africa recently demonstrated why, in her public rejection of science in favor of magic. No, I am not making this up.

"Science as a whole is a product of Western modernity and the whole thing should be scratched off," the student declared Wednesday, to nervous laughter. She actually called for her fellows to "restart science from an African perspective, from our perspective." How do you "restart science from an African perspective"? By practicing "black magic."

"For instance, I have a question for all the science people: There's a place in KZN called Umhlab-uyalingana, and they believe that through the magic — the black magic, they call it black magic, they call it witchcraft — that you are able to send a lightening to attack someone," the woman explained. Then she challenged the scientifically minded in the room: "Can you explain that scientifically, because it's something that happens!"

A naive man in the audience could not restrain himself, and burst out saying, "It's not true!" Apparently he was still laboring under the notion that such "decolonizers" are aiming for truth, as opposed to power and control over the narrative.

The woman's question was rhetorical — she didn't actually want to be challenged by a "scientific" person, you see — and the man got a very long (and rather unnecessary) earful from a moderator. In true social justice warrior fashion, this moderator felt it necessary to explain that the interruptor was "disrespecting the sacredness of this space," that his comments were trying to "collapse this space and make it antagonizing." She forced him to apologize (which he did three times) and agree to "abide by the rules of this space."

After this not-so-brief interlude, the anti-science woman explained why she found western methods of thought so oppressive. "It is saying that it was Newton and only Newton who knew or saw of an apple falling and then out of nowhere decided that gravity existed and created an equation, and that is it!" She complained that "whether people knew Newton or not, or whether whatever happens in western Africa, northern Africa, the thing is the only way to explain gravity is through Newton."

She emphatically rejected science because "Western knowledge is totalizing." In other words, when a European discovered a natural law that applies throughout the Earth, that itself was an act of colonization, because it assumed that natural laws operate the same everywhere, not just in Europe.

So, this student is rejecting science and the theory of gravity merely because it was a European who discovered it. Instead, she prefers what she admits to be "black magic" or "witchcraft" merely because it is African.

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