6 Contestants To Watch On The New Season Of MasterChef


My favorite summer television indulgence is back! Season 5 of MasterChef made its debut on Memorial Day. And while the show promises the same excitement and inspiration as the previous four seasons, we saw some changes in the premiere.

First off, judge/host Graham Elliot showed off the results of 155 pounds of weight loss. Secondly, the competition began with the top 30 home cooks - no "audition" episodes. The format change dropped viewers right into the heart of the action from the start.

In the premiere episode, the judges - Elliot, Joe Bastianich, and Gordon Ramsay, whittled the competition down to 22. They eliminated two contestants during the cooking process. The first 17 chefs made the cut on the first elimination test, while four of the remaining nine had to endure another challege - with tighter rules and cooking alongside Gordon Ramsay - to earn their aprons.

The Top 22 come from all over the country (I enjoyed hearing so many Southern accents) and all walks of life - including one competitor who worked as a dancer in a "gentlemen's club." But a few in particular stand out to me - I claim these as six to watch throughout the season, because they promise to bring heart and drama to an already exciting competition. Take a look...