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How The Simpsons Campaign for Obama


The culture war is so extreme that nothing can escape, but also interesting is the predictability of plots. One thing is that absolutely minimal pretense can be wrapped around supposed balance. Because it is so extreme and these people are so brazen, balance does not matter anymore. For example, in my son’s former 6th grade class in Maryland, teaching was conducted with Obama playing cards, by a math teacher who was a strong advocate for Obama’s election. In other words, they have gone much further than you would ever expect.

For example, in a recent episode of The Simpsons Lisa Simpson is depressed because she doesn't have friends, but then Lisa meets another girl who shares similar intellectual interests. Lisa and this girl, Isabella, both decide to run for class president. There are some interesting features in this. Lisa is horrified to discover that Isabella is a Republican. While Lisa is able to make reasonable and normal points, Isabella is presented as a stereotype. The Republican committee consists of the following people:

1. A scary, corrupt, dishonest clown

2. A crazy Texan who shoots off guns

3. An Arnold Schwarzenegger look-alike

4. A vampire

5. The dishonest owner of a nuclear power plant (isn’t this over the top, even for an animated comedy?)

In contrast, the Democrats are presented as follows: Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and Michael Dukakis. These characters are just teased. Bill Clinton is not criticized, even though he did some “bad things.” Dukakis is lightly jibbed, and Kerry is not dealt with at all. In contrast to the Republicans, a waste dispenser would look like an upright figure.