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Why I am Disgusted and Horrified


See the previous installments in this ongoing discussion about American values, Left vs. Right, Biblical morality, and New Media activism:

By Michael Lumish on October 13: Politics Vs Theology: Beginning A Debate With David Swindle. “Why we should not frame political issues as a matter of Good versus Evil.”

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By David Swindle on November 3: What To Do When Progressives and Conservatives Can’t Communicate: Part IV of Lumish Vs Swindle. "Set the straw men on fire."


We are at, perhaps, a transformative moment in the history of American foreign policy.

For the first time in American history we have an American president that favors political Islam. This is a remarkable thing and it needs to be discussed not just within popular media, as PJ Media does with scholars such as Barry Rubin, but throughout all western news sources. Although other American administrations have talked with the Muslim Brotherhood, no other American administration has embraced the parent organization of both al-Qaeda and Hamas as has the Obama administration.

I am disgusted and horrified both as an American and as a Jew.

What we need is your help in creating a stronger alliance between American Christians and American Jews in order to stand against political Islam as it rises throughout the world. That is the main reason that we are having this conversation.

My intention, you should know, was never to speak strictly to Jewish people and I very much regret giving you that impression.

Most of us here, at PJ Media, agree that the Obama administration has been a disaster. Not only has Obama been terrible for the Jews and for Israel, but he is absolutely awful for the United States and for our alliances around the world.  I usually limit myself to criticisms around the Arab-Israel conflict, because I have some expertise in the area, but there is no question that Obama has weakened American influence internationally. This will not come as news to you, obviously.

My central point, and my purpose for publishing here, is that Jews and Christians need to unite in favor of enlightenment values and thus in opposition to political Islam. The Obama administration supported political Islam when it supported the Muslim Brotherhood. And the Muslim Brotherhood, as you well know, is the parent organization of both Hamas and al-Qaeda. It has also targeted Christians throughout that part of the world for persecution, thereby chasing them out of the region. No one, it seems, cares about the Copts aside from themselves, despite the fact that scores of churches have been burned to the ground in Egypt and in Syria.

Nonetheless, we seem to have two points of disagreement.  The first is in the role of Biblical values within the ideological origins of the American Constitution.