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Putting Time and Effort into your Creative Life

Organizing your Creative Life in 13 Weeks, Week Thirteen

When organizing your creative life try not to get to this stage.  It plays havoc with creativity. When organizing your creative life try not to get to this stage. It plays havoc with creativity.

So, we’re coming to the end of this series.  How did it work out?  Did it organize my creative life?

It was a good start.  I’m not by any means perfect yet at applying Getting Things Done (particularly the part about putting things on paper and out of my head, so they don’t cause stress.)  And sometimes I forget my penguin timer, or deliberately leave him behind, particularly if I’m going to be writing in a room with another person.

Still, these 13 weeks helped me at least start retraining my brain into working for longer stretches of time, after the years of “induced ADHD” brought about by working while watching small children.

I am producing more copy and working better and were it not for having contracted a massive sinus infection which then doubled back and hit both ears and my throat, I’d probably have finished Through Fire, now overdue to Baen Books, who publish my Space Opera series.

Instead, I’ll have to keep applying the methods to finishing the novel as soon as possible, once I’m over this upper respiratory infection thing.

Yes, I know I thought I was getting better last week, but then it doubled down.  In the meantime I had to fly to Texas, where I’m teaching a workshop this weekend at the Bedford Library, and that in turn seems to have caused a serious worsening of my condition.  I spent yesterday sleeping, and today I’m only working at about half power.  Those who know me will know how serious this is, since I need to be very ill indeed to not even try to work.