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All for One and That One is Me


We live in an exceedingly selfish culture. That selfishness is fueled in part by the feminist trope that women can - and should - have it all. What's more, feminism preaches that women should be able to attain "it all" themselves, without the involvement of anyone else except, of course, for fellow advocates who band together and fight voraciously for everyone - men in particular - to get out of the way.

A recent online survey entitled "Is Patriarchy Killing Your Career" yielded the following response:

"Of course, it is very few women who are so perfectly fulfilled with raising their kids that they choose to do nothing else. And even fewer who can afford that choice. So we work. Many of us work within strongly patriarchal cultures that were intended for men who have no breastfeeding, nappy-changing, illness-nursing responsibilities. The very organization of most places of work therefore makes very little room for women who have those responsibilities."

Perhaps that's because you applied knowing breastfeeding wasn't listed in the job description. Nor was "perfect fulfillment." Oh, but we could just be so happy if every other person on the planet just got out of the way, including our children, their fathers, and those corporate bosses who expect me to sacrifice my role as a mother for the sake of my search for personal fulfillment!

Of course, some companies are catching on to the needs of working parents, offering more flexible work from home options or on-site daycare for children of employees. But, while labor unions celebrate the end of sweatshops, they have yet to face the potential crisis of another kind of child-fueled labor: the death of the 8 hour work day.