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Sweet Home Alberta Don't Need Neil Young Around Anyhow


Who declared 2013 "The Year of the Canadian Singer-Songwriter-Blowhard"?

First it was Joni Mitchell comparing her Saskatchewan home town to the segregated "Deep South," a comparison with no geographical, demographic or historical basis.

Now Neil Young is the one spouting off:

Neil Young has spent the past few weeks driving cross-country in LincVolt, a 1959 Lincoln Continental that's powered by electricity and cellulosic ethanol.

Earlier this week, he spoke at a press conference in Washington D.C. with Sens. Harry Reid and Debbie Stabenow.

"I am against the Keystone pipeline in a big way," Young said in comments posted on his website.

"The fact is, Fort McMurray [Alberta] looks like Hiroshima. Fort McMurray is a wasteland. The Indians up there and the native peoples are dying. People are sick. People are dying of cancer because of this.

"All of the First Nations peoples up there are threatened by this. Their food supply is wasted, their treaties are no good. They have the right to live on the land, like they always did, but there's no land left that they can live on. All the animals are dying."