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What Color Is Your Financial Underbelly? Red, Black or Yellow?

upsideRightWhen your life turns upside down, you get a clear view of personal parts you would prefer to keep hidden.

It's already week 10 in our 13 weeks series of financial recovery. This week revealed a side of me that I would prefer to keep covered -- my financial underbelly. I got a good look and it's not pretty. It is solid yellow.

I've never really thought of myself as a coward until now. In my first installment, "5 Rules for Lifting Your Family Out of Economic Hardship," I explained that several years ago, we experienced our first real financial setback. A pulmonary embolism ended my husband's career in law enforcement. Apparently those two years without income left some emotional scars that went deeper than I realized.

Last week I wrote "Financial Miracles or Happenstance? You Decide," about the unseen hand that has held us in a firm grip of grace and provision. It's good to remember the miracles in our lives, an exercise I try to do daily. It reminds me that our Heavenly Father really does care for our needs. However, I'm old enough to know, He cares more about my character and the state of my spiritual health than my bank account.

He also tends to reveal the parts of us that need transformation, as He did this week.

Instead of facing truth head on and setting up my budget before the first dime was spent, as I know to do -- instead I hid behind an illusion of a "big pot" of money.

Let me explain.