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Thirteen Weeks: Times Three


How time flies when you're having fun.

I'd actually expected to be at WorldCon in San Antonio this weekend, neatly bracketing this thirteen week experiment -- you may recall I was in San Antonio at a wedding on the first of June -- but the universe apparently was having other plans. I was laid off my day job on Tuesday, and it really didn't seem practical to go for various reasons, including having several companies wanting to talk to me on Thursday and Friday. (I haven't got a new day job yet, so if any of my readers are looking for senior geeks, you can find me on LinkedIn.)

It wasn't a terrific surprise, as I'd been fighting with the management above me for a good while; in fact, it was a bit of a relief. It's an interesting coincidence that it comes in the last week of 13, though, because -- as you probably deduced if you read my last couple of weeks' columns -- I've been unsatisfied with this experiment. So, now we're at the end of the experiment, and the question is: pivot or persevere?

My answer? Both.

Changing the diet and cutting the metformin in June has improved the low end of my blood sugar; unfortunately, it has done so by moving the band up. I don't have a new A1c value yet, but my morning fasting blood sugar has averaged 121, up a bit fron the last experiment.

The "slow carb with vacation days" diet has probably contributed to that; what's more, for me, it was harder to maintain that diet than the low-carb diet. Something that undoubtedly contributed to that was that I stopped keeping a detailed meal diary.

I did discover a way of fitting exercise into life that continues to work pretty well -- slipping Tabata intervals into my Pomodoro routine.

So, part one of the pivot: I'm changing the diet again. I continue to think that carbs along with whatever physiological differences go with metabolic syndrome to type-2 diabetes are a major contributor to weight gains and higher blood sugar. At the same time, the really low carb diet stopped working for me for weight loss, and was associated with the episodes of really low blood sugar.