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Orange Is the New Black's Creator Doesn't Seem to Be a Big Fan of Men...

tumblr_m0yq3p9agJ1rqzuk1o1_500 Well said, Sister.

Following up her dissection of Netflix's House of Cards, Becky Graebner now critiques the streaming internet TV company's new offering from the creator of Showtime's Weeds. See her previous posts in this series:

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August 7: Piper Chapman: Dislike-able Protagonist AND Future Heroine?


Growing up, little girls aren’t huge fans of little boys. Boys tend to be sticky, they smell, and they are usually annoying: stomping on sand castles and flushing Barbies down the toilet. However, there’s a serious transformation in the way girls view boys as they both age — eventually, we realize they aren’t all that bad.

At age five, little girls are convinced that boys have cooties and the precocious kindergartener starts to believe that her sex is superior to boys: girls rule, boy drool. However, by fourteen, girls are poring over magazines, reading about how to do their hair and how to act around young men they may find “cute.” Pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio decorate their walls.

By college, girls have just as many male friends as female friends and they’re even starting to think about marrying a guy (if that’s their preference). At this point, girls have come a long way from their cootie-averse days in pre-k. Men… they’re alright — they aren’t all jerks.

Despite this usual change of heart regarding boys — and the natural admission that your brother isn’t ALL that bad — it seems like Jenji Kohan, the writer/creator of Orange Is the New Black, decided to glaze over the positives of men and chose to write all of the show’s male characters as loser-lying-creepy manipulators. She probably still thinks men have cooties.  Essentially, men = bad in this show, and Kohan shows the many facets of “male evil” in her male characters.  Nobody is spared…