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13 Weeks Experiment Midcourse Report


I'm halfway through this experiment, so I thought it was time to write more about what I'm experiencing this time. As you may recall, my hypothesis this time was that Tim Ferris' "slow carb" style of dieting would be more effective than the really low-carb diet I'd been following. I had a really good reason for thinking I needed to back away from the really low-carb diet: some periods of low blood sugar that ended up with me fainting at a really inconvenient time, ie, while driving home.

So what has come of it?

First off, I haven't had trouble with the hypoglycemic episodes; that's good, as there's no convenient way for me to avoid driving.

Weight and glucose overall have been, well, interesting.

The chart on the next page is my weight and glucose over the course of the experiment. Just as a reminder, the protocol I follow is to take both weight and glucose first thing in the morning, weighing nude, taking the glucose within half an hour of getting up and usually about 10 minutes after, since that's how long it takes to feed the cats and start a pot of coffee.