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Bad Advice for Hobbitses

Submit your questions to [email protected] or leave a question in the comments section, and I’ll answer it in Bad Advice!

Every week, in addition to my Wednesday Bad Advice column featuring questions from you, the readers, I’ll be doing a Thursday advice column for fictional characters, celebrities, and anyone else who didn’t ask for it. If you have suggestions for characters or celebrities you’d like me to give Bad Advice to, send them to the email address above!


Dear Bad Advice,

I just joined a venture with an industrious, but quirky, group of people I barely know. They're all from a very different culture than mine, much more confrontational and crude. On top of that, they even look a little different from me, so I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. A lot of them don't like me, even though they asked me to join them for my special skills, and all of them push me around and make fun of me a lot. I'm sick of it and I wish I could just go home and be comfortable again. But a part of me also longs to complete this adventure and prove myself. I just don't know if I can do it. Help!

- Lagging Baggins

This is going to sound like bad advice, but stop trying to fit in.