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Talkin' 'Bout My Generation: 6 Gen-Xers I Can Actually Stand (Part Two)



Last week, I singled out Courtney Love (in the Music category) and Adam Carolla (Comedy) as two of my fellow Gen-Xers who aren't a source of continual embarrassment to me.

This week's categories -- Movies and Television --were tougher to tackle.

Broadcasting: Glenn Beck and Greg Gutfeld, both born in 1964.

All the millions of words written about Beck somehow don't seem like enough. Curiosity about, and hostility towards, Glenn Beck remains insatiable. We'll be inundated with bashing bios and long-form think pieces about him for decades and cover stories on glossy magazines just before they print their last issue.

Beck's career was declared "over" after he left Fox News, yet his net worth has increased exponentially since.

Beck even received an "innovation" award from the TriBeCa Film Festival this year (!).

Greg Gutfeld shares Beck's (and my) "question authority" sensibility. If he were a lefty, Gutfeld would be making ten times more money, and hailed as a genius by the same people who rag on him now.

He doesn't share Beck's extreme tolerance for risk or apparent ADD, both of which sometimes prompt Beck to make stupid decisions and mount (then discard) wacky personal hobbyhorses with abandon.

However, if they stay grounded, both men will outlast their critics, whom they are smarter and more talented than. (They work harder, too.)

Speaking of working hard but staying grounded:

While I admire much of what Andrew Breitbart (1969) accomplished (or tried to), he also worked himself into an early grave and left behind a wife and kids.

That's not cool.