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The List King: John Hawkins's 5 Greatest Hits of 2012


Editor's Note:

My good friend John Hawkins has decided to take a few weeks off from his weekly PJ Lifestyle article. So now seemed like the appropriate time to finally do what I'd been meaning to for some time: begin compiling together collections of some of his best articles. For almost two years now John has tackled all kinds of issues -- from self improvement to popular culture to male-female relationships. He's established himself as the section's most popular writer and I've enjoyed watching him explore and experiment. When John comes back we've decided to brainstorm a new direction for him to focus on developing. I'm not sure yet what it should be -- though I don't doubt that John and I could probably come up with something within 15 minutes of brainstorming. The problem is that there are simply too many ideas where John could succeed! As this collection of his 5 most-heavily trafficked articles of 2012 shows he has developed himself into a versatile, witty writer who can craft engaging pieces across a number of subjects. Please leave your suggestions in the comments for the particular direction you'd most like to see John develop his writing in the future.

This is the first of a series of what will become an ongoing collection of The Best of PJ Lifestyle. I have plans for several more John Hawkins's Greatest Hits Collections featuring compilations of his commentaries on Self Improvement, Movies, Entrepreneurship, Humor, Internet Culture, and other subjects. I hope that these collections can showcase the work of a talented writer I'm proud to work with who I'm excited to see continue to grow into one of his generation's most distinct and consequential voices. In the coming months I will release similar compilations celebrating the work of other regular PJ Lifestyle contributors who have made editing this publication such a perpetual joy. It's time to take a retrospective look back at the fantastic work of such frequent PJ Lifestyle contributors as Kathy Shaidle, Walter Hudson, Paula Bolyard, Charlie Martin, Jeanette Pryor, Theodore Dalrymple, Robert Spencer, P. David Hornik, Andrew Klavan, and Bob Owens. (And that's just the beginning!) And as I publish these compilations now is the time to express your views on the directions you'd most like to see these writers take in the future. The ship has its crew; it's time to set sail. Now we just need to chart our destinations.     

-David Swindle, PJ Lifestyle Editor

Jump to the article of your choice or read them counting down to John's biggest smash hit:

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