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Buddhism Is Not What You Think

I suppose a lot of people who follow PJ already know I'm a Buddhist, and have been for almost 50 years -- a "devout Buddhist" if you like. I've written about it occasionally on PJ, going back to my first or second piece, when PJ was still in its pajamas. I've also written quite a lot about Buddhism on my moribund personal blog, Explorations.

Over the holidays, I decided to collect some of that writing, and add to it to put together a book on Buddhism with the working title Undecorated Buddha (or maybe Undocumented Buddha -- I'm open to suggestions.) As I did with my 13 Weeks experiment, I've set up a Facebook page where people are invited to come and keep me honest.

At about the same time, Dave Swindle co-incidentally (or was it? Insert Twilight Zone music here) mentioned to me that he wanted more stuff on Eastern spirituality in PJ Lifestyle. We rapidly agreed on my writing a weekly Undecorated Buddha piece.

I hope you're feeling better, Dave; I didn't mean to trample you like that.

Now, you might ask "who the hell are you to write about Buddhism?" After all, I don't have "Transmission", no accredited teacher has given me the certificate.

About two thousand years ago, an Emperor of China asked the same question of an Indian guy we call Bodhidharma.