10 Fun Outdoor Activities for Stay-at-Home Dads

Over the last decade the percentage of fathers opting to stay home with their children has more than doubled. In 2001, only 1.6% of dads were full time care providers. Today, it's 3.4%.

What's a dad to do? All that time at home with the little ones can get tedious if a guy isn't prepared. But if you put a little effort into finding activities you and your kids can both enjoy, then your day will be much easier.

And if you can get them outside, away from the television, it's even better.

Here are ten activities which I think you'll enjoy.

10. Go Fishing

The one thing I could count on my dad wanting to do every weekend was grab some fishing poles and head for the nearest body of water. He loves fishing, and because of him, so do I.

His hobby is now my children's hobby.

I loved watching each one catch a fish for the first time. It was exactly this cute:

If you don't know anything about fishing, don't worry about it. You can learn with your child. There are plenty of books on the basics of fresh-water fishing.

And the bonus is that even if you don't catch a fish you still spent some time outside having fun with your kids. It's a win-win.