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Hands on Fire...Kindle Fire

Hands on Fire

After weeks of waiting, I finally got my hands on Fire...Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire represents Amazon's initial foray into the Tablet market. Retailing at US$199.00 the Kindle Fire is a 7 inch tablet that seamlessly integrates Amazon's ecosystem of books, music, video and magazine services. Included in the cost of the tablet is a free month of Amazon Prime.  Prime allows the Kindle Fire user to access movies, read bestselling books and it includes free two day shipping directly from the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire has Arrived

What  comes in the box? One Kindle Fire, one U.S. power adapter, and a quick start guide - a very brief quick start guide. I'd like to start this review with a look at the design and features of this tablet. The quick start guide leads you to the Kindle Fire home screen where you can access a user guide with more detailed information on the device. 

Getting to Know your Kindle Fire

Handling the device, I found it to be solidly constructed with a soft rubberized backing that allows for a good grip on the device.  Thin and sleek, the design is interrupted by a power button, USB 2.0 (micro-b) and stereo audio jack (pictured below).

Sleek Design