Our Deceitful Marxist President's Cruel War on Sick Medicinal Marijuana Patients

Traditionalist conservatives who feared the Drug War would take a lax, hopey change turn under Obama have instead found a tougher clone of the previous administrations. In an aeon in which their president mostly fills them with dread, they should celebrate the day's Boardwalk Empire-style prohibitionist surge.

LA Weekly:

This morning's announcement by four California officials from the U.S. Attorney's Office that hundreds of pot shops have been ordered to close down marks the most serious attempt, to date, to eradicate the state's medical-marijuana industry.

They told press and angry advocates that the new crackdown will initially go after "pot shops located close to schools, parks, sports fields and other places where there are a lot of children and ... 'significant commercial operations' ... [including] includes farmland where marijuana is being grown." But from there on out, it's free game.

The Drug Policy Alliance is furious: They just blasted a press release titled "Obama Administration's Medical Marijuana Policies Now Worse Than Bush and Clinton Policies" -- and they're pretty spot on.


Dear Professor Mary Grabar,

I hope you're doing well and I do ever so look forward to collaborating with you in the future here at PJM.

I would like to revisit an old debate that you and I had back in December of 2009 regarding marijuana legalization and the difference between the political Left and the Counterculture.

Almost two years after our first discussion on the subject I believe the evidence is more abundant than ever that I am correct in my revised theses that:

A) Tea Party conservatives should not support the federal government spending billions of taxpayer dollars to try and prevent people from becoming drug addicts.

B) Barack Obama and the movement he represents are most accurately understood as Marxist, not Countercultural.

Let's work our way backwards on these two points -- from the nature of our enemies on to the values that you and I share in spite of our very different cultural backgrounds. On the next pages I'm going to state my case on these matters and welcome your rebuttal to help refine the bold propositions. I'm also certain that PJM's commenting community will no doubt have some perceptive analyses of these issues.