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Showbiz Assassin: the Sadly Unavoidable 'What's up with Jim Carrey?' Edition

1. Katt Williams: racist or patriot?

That's what LaughSpin is asking today, after the stand up comic embroiled himself in another "controversy" -- this time for using a Latino heckler as a launching pad, to rant about illegals and patriotism:

Katt sure seems proud of his country. Or something. Though, honestly, I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about half the time. So, I’ll turn it over to you guys for an opinion. Was there racism behind Katt’s words or was he just being really pro-American? Or is Katt just crazy?

Judge for yourself after watching the video -- Note: EXTREME language warning (assuming you can understand what he's saying better than I can):

I used to say that "racist" was the new "commie" -- the all-purpose conversation- (and sometimes, career-) ender.

And that's still true. But speaking as an old person, can I just say that also, "racist" is just "how normal people used to talk"?

Back in my "multicultural" working class neighborhood of the '60s and '70s, the Irish thought all the Italians were probably "Mafia," the Poles thought all the Irish were probably shiftless drunks, and the Italians just basically hated everybody.

Know what? Nobody died. Nobody even got into a fist fight, as a matter of fact.

Their kids all ended up marrying each other, with the families making embarrassing "racist" jokes at the weddings.

Yeah, I know: I'm from Canada,  the last stop on the Underground Railroad. Our country doesn't have a "legacy of slavery" to endlessly obsess about. But when will you guys stop obsessing about it?

(Hint: your President is BLACK now!)

As a friend, can I just tell you that the whole "racism/slavery" thing bores the rest of the world up the wall? It's like America is that boring drunken uncle who tells the same stupid stories every Thanksgiving.

Maybe if we/you weren't so uptight about "race"  -- if liberals would really let us have one of ERIC HOLDER's "candid conversations" about, say, how African-Americans feel about being pushed out of jobs by illegals -- angry "racist" rants like Williams' wouldn't even occur...?