Things We Say Today That Didn't Make Sense 30 Years Ago

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Oh the times, they are a-changing. In talking to my children recently about how our DVR only recorded half of their favorite show, I realized how crazy I would have sounded if I said that when I was a kid. Growing up, we had Saturday morning cartoons and whatever happened to be on the TV at the time that we turned it on. If we wanted to talk to someone, we had to pick up the phone to do it. We used paper maps, landlines, and no one had a virtual assistant.


We had a little fun and gathered several phrases that we say regularly today that would not have made any sense just 25 or 30 short years ago. We also came up with some things that we might have said then that would sound completely foreign to anyone under the age of 30. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

Living in the Future

Text me your name so I have your number.

Text me the address and I’ll put it in the GPS.

I’m down to 10%!

I need to charge my phone in the car.

Are you going to drive or Uber it?

He posted something on Twitter and it went viral.

I don’t know how to get there. I’ll just use my phone.

I didn’t tag him in the picture but Facebook recognized his face anyway.

Just deposit the check using my phone.

Did you see her Snapchat before it disappeared?

I just saw this meme that is so funny.

One sec, I need to post this to my Insta-story.

I read the news on my phone every morning.

Can I use your Hulu login?

What’s the WiFi password?

Want to FaceTime with grandma and grandpa?

My kid can watch his iPad on the plane.

What hashtag did you use?


I just got a Peloton. Follow me!

Save it to the cloud.

There’s no WiFi, so I used my mobile hotspot.

My email was hacked.

What does Yelp say about the restaurant?

I’m becoming a lifestyle blogger.

Don’t tag me in that post, I don’t want her to know I was here!

I added animation to my PowerPoint.

The ad showed up in my stream.

If I order it on Amazon, I’ll have it tomorrow with Prime.

My formula is broken in Excel.

The link didn’t work.

We cut the cord and just stream all of our content now.

What’s a landline?

Hey Siri.

Did you see his tweet?

Alexa, set the temperature to 70 degrees.

I’ll pay with my phone.

This food looks so good. I need to Instagram it.

I’ll pay with my watch.

Just Venmo me the money.

I was up all night binging on Netflix.

I love that picture–what filter did you use?

Google it.

Blast from the Past

I’ll go to the library to look it up.

I need more film for my camera.

I just got a page.

Where’s the nearest pay phone?

What’s the temperature today? I need to call the weather.

You’re going to miss the beginning of the show! It’s starting!


I’ll make a banner on Print Shop.

Do you have the slides for the presentation?

I need new batteries for my calculator.

I have to change the answering machine tape.

He taped over my Facts of Life episode.

Hold on, I’ll get up and change the channel.

Can you buy a newspaper for me while you’re out?

Would you tear the sides off of my print-out?

I need to *69 it.

Doesn’t she have call waiting?

Let’s do a 3-way call!

I have to go to AAA to get a map.

Get off the computer so I can make a phone call.

I need to get cash.




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