Parents Are Getting Tattoos of Their Kids' Artwork


Recently my 3-year-old drew a picture of a house. Well, he told us it was a house, but the drawing he was holding looked slightly more like an elephant with some extra limbs. This says nothing about my son’s creativity or artistic ability—he is three, after all. But the most I would ever think to do with this work of art-du-jour is hang it on the fridge for a few days and then ultimately bury it in the garbage once another elephant/house shows up in his school bag on Friday.


Some people, however, have decided to take their kids’ drawings to the next level. A more permanent level. Some parents are getting their children’s drawings and paintings permanently tattooed on their bodies. And their kids aren’t necessarily little Rembrandts…

In some ways, this is very sweet. Especially in the case of the man who tattooed his daughter’s name (written by her) after he and her mom divorced.

If the tattoo artist is good enough, the tattoos can actually look like crayon was used:


But you might want to think long and hard about which picture to choose:

This guy totally surprised his daughter by going for it:

Question is, would you do it?

Yeah, me neither…


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