'He Said Put Away Your Wallet.' Selfless Stranger Pays for Teacher's School Supplies

We increasingly hear stories of teachers who use a not-so-small portion of their already meager paychecks to buy school supplies for their students. More often than not, education budgets are getting slashed and the slugging economy is resulting in fewer parents being able to cover the costs of their children’s necessary supplies. Sabrina Drude from San Antonio, Texas, is one of those teachers who cares immensely for her students. Recently she was shopping at Wal-Mart and the man behind her in the checkout line noticed the dozens and dozens of school supplies in her cart. He asked her why she was purchasing so many pencils and notebooks, and she explained that she teaches in a low socioeconomic area and that many of her students can’t afford to buy the necessary supplies.


From CBS News:

Touched by the woman’s kind gesture, the man offered to pay for everything in the woman’s cart. She thanked him, but said she couldn’t accept his money.

But when $97 flashed on the cash register, the man, later identified as Lester Brown, jumped between Drude and the cashier with a bill in his hand.

“He said, ‘Put your wallet away,’ and I just started crying,” Drude told CBS News. “That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Drude, who was buying the supplies because she didn’t want any of her students to feel embarrassed because they couldn’t afford what was needed, was touched by the stranger’s selfless gesture. He told her he was helping because teachers don’t get the recognition they deserve.

And Drude said she plans to tell her students about the man’s good deed.

“This is exactly the type of person I want to influence my kids to be,” said Drude, adding that she plans to ask Brown to join her class for a pizza party. “I want him to inspire my kids just like he inspired me; if any of my kids grew up to be half the man he is I’d be very proud.”



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