Dads Want You to Know: It's Called Parenting, Not Babysitting (Even When They Do It)

Nowadays many women (myself certainly included) have found men who take the term “partner” seriously, including when it comes to raising children. These men do diaper duty, care for their sick kids, and do loads of laundry. They go to parent-teacher conferences, play dates, and ice cream parties with their little ones. In other words, they parent.


And yet, many fathers are applauded for doing the very things that moms have been doing forever. In a heart-warming new ad, fathers discuss the many things they’ve been congratulated for doing.

For the fathers featured, these compliments can be a bit condescending, and they want to let everyone know they’re proud to be dads who tackle parenting responsibilities head-on.

“I’m a dad. I love being a dad, and dads are parents, too,” one father in the video said. “Get with the program.”

In the video, one dad had this to say: “My wife went away for the weekend, and I got offered so much support that I didn’t need. I love spending time with my kids. It’s parenting, not babysitting.”

Kudos to all of you wonderful daddies out there!


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