Gravest Threat to Obamaland: Disillusionment

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,

Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

William Shakespeare

If Billy Shakespeare were still with us, I’m quite certain he would do us the favor of coining some nifty expressions to describe Obamaland and its inhabitants. I’ve no doubt whatsoever that the talented English bard would relentlessly pick the beast of Obama-worship down to the very marrow of its bones.


I’ve no doubt either that the witty Bill S. would take his first, perfectly aimed quill-strike at the inevitable disillusionment of Obama followers, possessed by utterly unrealistic expectations.

In the absence of William Shakespeare, I’ll have a whack at it myself:

Obamaland has no rage like love to hatred turned,

Nor hell a fury like a supporter scorned.

Oh, where to begin? Obamaland is proving to be such a target-rich environment.

Let’s start with Hillary, shall we? If there is a single, starry-eyed American who does not understand that the price of Bill and Hill on the stump for wet-behind-the-ears Barry O. was the cabinet post where Hill could most brightly shine and most aptly prepare for her own run in 2012 (or 2016), the Guinness Book folks would like to find him.

If Bill and Hillary Clinton are anything, they are perhaps the most astute political minds in the country today. The economic meltdown we are in had a foundation directly traceable to Bill Clinton’s modifications of the Community Reinvestment Act and both Clintons understand well that once an economy as large and diverse as ours spins out of control, there is no way a single president — even a two-term president — can bring it back to its pre-meltdown status.

If anything, I imagine that Hillary Clinton is quite thankful that she is off the hook on the economic disasters that wait like ticking bombs in the disillusioned minds of Obama’s maniacal voters.


Hell truly hath no fury like that awaiting Obama as he fails to eradicate the worries and responsibilities of his delusional followers. The woman made famous by her YouTube proclamation that, once Obama is elected, she will no longer need worry about putting gas in her car or paying her mortgage will perhaps be first to explode.

Then there is the “I’ll-fix-all-your-schools-with-gobs-more-money” Obamaland promise. Is there a single starry-eyed, literate parent out there who believes that catering to the teachers unions, who bear the brunt of responsibility for creating the problem, is actually going to fix it?

The first dent in Obama’s knightly education-fix-it armor is the fact that he and Michelle would rather walk over hot coals and don sackcloth and ashes than send their own daughters to one of the nation’s public schools. Of course, the excuse they’re offering now is the overarching “security concern” that goes with living in the White House.

However, what “security concern” was there in Chicago, when the Obamas were just another nothing-special couple having kids? Barack and Michelle have never trusted the public schools with their own children. The girls have always attended pricey private schools. They always have and they always will.

But what of the millions of voters who are actual parents, whose children are literally trapped in public schools more intent on pleasing union bosses than on teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic? When little Johnny and Janie still can’t read two years from now, I predict another explosion of wrath aimed at Barry O. Money has never taught a child to read and it never will.


Perhaps the real cake-taker in Obamaland promises, however, is the one that our enemies will now like us and will no longer wish to make war on our homeland. Once President Obama conducts his miraculous diplomacy with our sworn enemies, they will not be our sworn enemies any more. They will be our friends.

Was there a more balderdash-ridden promise in this entire campaign season?

Obama did not promise to meet with al-Qaeda, of course, but most of our sworn enemies are Islamo-fascist terrorist groups and nations, all of a similar mindset to be sure. Al-Qaeda was first off the starting block with its new and utterly disgusting video calling our president-elect a “house negro.” (For the record, I would join up myself to fight those who mock our president on that kind of slimy ground.) This slime talk from al-Qaeda does give one the idea that Barack Obama is not seen in the Arab world as the “lightworker” — a name given him by some of his followers.

The Iranians did not even wait for the ink to dry on our electoral returns before testing a new set of super-duper missiles capable of hitting Israel. And, in case it has slipped from the astute American memory, Palestinians have also mocked our African-American secretary of state, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, on racial grounds. Clearly, these folks are not enamored with our new president-elect, and that’s before his magic-working diplomacy.

David Ignatius, of the Washington Post, has already begun the new spin on our war with Islamo-fascist terrorists. Ignatius’ spin seems right in keeping with Obamaland’s surreal expectations.


On the matter of motivation for the Islamic terrorists, Ignatius seems to believe that it’s all a matter of “rhetoric” and President Bush’s incendiary invasion of Iraq.

To which, Ignatius issues his own challenge to President-elect Obama:

Seize the moment; “turn a page,” and thereby transform the intellectual battlefield; keep the military pressure on al-Qaeda’s hard core, but discard the “war on terrorism” rhetoric.

Ignatius, among other Obama followers, is setting the stage for perhaps the biggest-bang disillusionment in all of Obamaland. For back-up, Ignatius quotes one of al-Qaeda’s own:

“The Democrats kill you slowly without you noticing it. … They are like a snake whose touch is not felt until its poison enters your body,” observes al-Qaradhawi.

I believe that Jimmy Carter was the first to demonstrate this “Democrats-kill-you-slowly” axiom of terrorist wisdom. He began in 1979 and has been attempting to develop such a poison for the past 32 years, has received enormous funding from Arab Muslims for this purpose, and yet still appears a bit short of success. Yet he keeps trying.

And not to worry because Jimmy Carter has already volunteered his own expert assistance to President-elect Obama.

Bill Clinton, too, worked at this Democrat slow-poison development for eight straight years and made so much progress that 9/11 never really happened.

I must stop now as my side is splitting and I need to call 911.


I’ll simply ask the medics to give me the same hallucinogen that Obamaland inhabitants are taking. We can all take our stroll down the yellow brick road together, arm in arm with harmony as we sing kumbaya and hope we won’t feel a thing.

I’m certain that Wizard Obama will bring peace on earth and goodwill to all right after he fixes the global economy and the failed public schools, and fills every gas tank and pays every mortgage.

Don’t wake me till it’s over.

Disillusionment of this magnitude is too violent to watch and Shakespeare is laughing his head off somewhere.


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