Clown World: Violent D.C. Gunman Walks Free as Local, Peaceful Pro-Lifers Go to Jail

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A Washington, D.C., judge with a history of "woke" activism decided there was no need to incarcerate an 18-year-old man who fired an AR-15 more than a dozen times at an SUV full of people fleeing through a busy neighborhood


The shooting took place in the 1700 block of Independence Ave SE, a predominantly black neighborhood.

FACT-O-RAMA! Black kids are hit more by stray bullets than any other group.

Despite the left waging war on guns and so-called "gun violence," Superior Court Judge Lloyd U. Nolan, Jr. decided Amonte Moody wasn't a threat to the black community he had just sprayed with 26 rounds and summarily released him. 

FACT-O-RAMA! We the People were assured the "no bail, no jail" codswallop would be reserved for non-violent suspects only. 

Moody is charged with assault and endangerment with a firearm and possession of a weapon. Releasing the perp has caused some public backlash on social media. The prosecutor's office in Washington has scheduled an emergency hearing on May 22—hopefully to reverse the decision and put Moody behind bars.

Judge Nolan's history of "wokeness" includes promoting BLM and posting about how "woke" he is. He also posted that he donated to Gideon’s Promise, a group with ties to George Soros.

FACT-O-RAMA! The Marxist "woke" movement was started, allegedly, when the left decided there were too many black men in jail. What followed was the "no bail, no jail" nonsense, ostensibly designed to keep black men out of jail in the name of "racial justice." But — as was truly intended by the Marxists who pushed "woke" flappdoodle — it has resulted in a tsunami of crime. The sad truth is that the result of "no bail, no jail," has resulted in a crime wave that has hit black communities harder than any other. For what it's worth, the judge and offender in this case are both black men. 


I'm done hearing the left whine about how "gun violence disproportionately affects the black community" until judges like Nolan and others stop letting violent perps walk out of court and back into the black neighborhoods they terrorize.

Conversely, though unrelated, an UNARMED pro-life protestor was just sent to prison for 57 months for blocking the entrance to an abortion clinic in Washington, D.C., back in 2020.

Lauren Handy was handed a four-year, nine-month prison sentence Monday, minus nine months for time served, and is looking at a solid four years in prison.

REMINDER-O-RAMA! The man who fired 26 rounds in a busy D.C. neighborhood was granted house arrest and was released. Handy spent nine months in jail after being arrested at the abortion clinic.

Handy and her friends chained themselves together in front of the entrance to an abortion clinic, where they sang hymns and prayed. None were armed when arrested, and no shots were fired.

On Tuesday, Handy's friend John Hinshaw, 69, was given a 21-month sentence, minus nine months for time served. He will go away for one year.

A handful of other pro-lifers arrested with Handy and Hinshaw have yet to be sentenced. One is facing 11 years behind bars.

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What Have We Learned?

We know that at least two peaceful pro-lifers spent nine months in prison after being arrested for protesting, praying, and singing in front of the doors of an abortion clinic, while the same city released a gunman who sprayed 26 shots into a busy black neighborhood. The gunman is black, and he fired indiscriminately in a black community. We have also learned black kids are hit by more stray bullets than any other group. 


The two pro-lifers are white and were protesting against abortion in a predominantly black city. Statistics show black women have more abortions than any other ethnic group. Thus, two white people attempting to save the lives of unborn children — who were likely black — got jail time after they were arrested, while a man who might have killed black people is sitting at home today. 

Irony, table for two. Irony?

FACT-O-RAMA! None of the J6 prisoners who are still sitting in the D.C. gulag are accused of firing weapons.

The writing is on the wall. Washington, D.C., is a Marxist toilet and should be avoided by conservatives who don't want to end up in jail, even for attempting to save the lives of unborn black children.


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