Military Notes a Spike in Myocarditis Cases — Wonder Why?

U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Alexa M. Hernandez/Released

A top Pentagon official has confirmed what many of us have suspected known all along; myocarditis cases in the military have soared since service members were forced to take the shot.

Gilbert Cisneros Jr., Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, confirmed that myocarditis cases in 2021 — the year members of our Armed Forces were forced to take the shot or leave the military — jumped to 275 cases, a 151% leap from the average number of cases from 2016-2020.

A whistleblower downloaded the data and presented it to Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) a few months ago.

Cisneros maintains that, although there was a jump in myocarditis in the military, it should be attributed to the virus and not the vaccine, a notion Johnson disputes.

“It is unclear whether or how it accounted for service members who had a prior COVID-19 infection and received a COVID-19 vaccination,” Johnson wrote to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

FACT-O-RAMA! Myocarditis can lead to health issues, including sudden death.

Johnson’s letter to Austin also mentioned what some may consider to be a cover-up regarding the Department of Defense’s (DOD) handling of the manner:

Dear Secretary Austin:

I am continuing to examine the data integrity issues on the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED) and the Department of Defense’s (DoD) misleading and incomplete responses to my office on this matter. In a response dated July 5, 2023, DoD admitted that it provided incomplete data to my office in February 2022 regarding increases in registered diagnoses in DMED.1 This acknowledgement came after I sent DoD information I received from a whistleblower that called into question the accuracy of the data that DoD previously produced to me.2 DoD’s pattern of deception regarding DMED data is unacceptable.

Dr. Peter McCullough, long known as a conspiracy theorist renowned COVID skeptic has reason to believe that the myocarditis is from the shot — not the virus, as the DOD would have us believe — and pointed to a source from Israel that found no myocarditis in COVID patients.

“The large increase in myocarditis cases in our military in 2021 was most likely due to ill-advised COVID-19 vaccination,” Dr. McCullough revealed to The Epoch Times.

Salamander-in-Chief Joe Biden had Austin make the vaccine mandatory for military personnel in the summer of 2021. The aforementioned whistleblower also revealed that testicular cancer rose by 16.3% in vaccinated military men.

TRANS-O-RAMA! No information was available regarding the number of testicular cancer cases in “transgender men” in the military, though yours truly would suggest that the number of cases is likely “zero.”

Johnson lauded the whistleblower’s revelations.

“Without the whistleblower’s disclosure, I doubt DOD would have ever acknowledged that it provided incomplete information to my office in February 2022 and again in July 2022,” he declared.

Johnson further stated that the DOD had displayed “a complete disregard for transparency” in its reporting on myocarditis as it relates to the COVID vaccines.

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