Big Brother Moves to De-certify McCullogh, One of the Few Doctors With the Courage to Speak Out About COVID

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Big Brother hates being proven wrong and will punish those who are right. Welcome to the Dystopian States of America.

Dr. McCullough has been loud and proud when it comes to calling out the B.S. surrounding the dangers of the Bat Stew Flu and the efficacy of what some dolts are still calling COVID-19 “vaccines.”


FACT-O-RAMA! As per Johns Hopkins University, 98.9% of Americans who contract the Hong Kong Fluey will survive. This stat does not count the hundreds of thousands of people who caught COVID but did not report it to the feds. Nor does it consider all the kids who caught COVID but had no idea because they were asymptomatic. It’s not unreasonable to suggest the survival rate is closer to 99.2% if not higher.

The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) sent a letter to Dr. McCullough in May 2022 warning him to shut up and get down with the storylines spewed out by the medical powers that be or lose his livelihood.

The letter stated some of McCullough’s “questionable” statements included testimony to the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, including:

  • “People who have had COVID have complete and durable immunity.”
  • “There is no scientific, clinical or safety rationale for ever vaccinating a COVID recovered patient.”
  • “The population had already achieved 80% herd immunity.”
  • “There is no scientific rationale for healthy people under 50 to receive a COVID vaccine,” and
  • “There is a low degree, if any, of asymptomatic spread; you can’t find it.”

Which of these statements is demonstrably untrue? Which is worth decertifying one of the few brave doctors who spoke out against the commie drive to force Americans to bend their knees and raise their sleeves for a vaccine shot that we now know doesn’t do what we were told it does, neither keeping us from getting COVID nor from transmitting it?

McCollough stuck to his guns. He even sent a point-by-point rebuttal and asked the case be dismissed. But Big Brother sent him another letter in October, telling him they are moving toward decertification.

LIES-O-RAMA! We were told the vaccine shot would keep us from transmitting COVID. We were called “granny killers” for not buying “the science.” It turns out that Pfizer never even tested their shot to see if it stops transmission. Yet the jackpuddings who haughtily scolded us to get jabbed and end the pandemic, like Joe “showered with his daughter” Biden and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, aren’t in danger of losing their livelihoods.

Pandemic of the Uneducated

Not surprisingly, medical people who flat-out lied about the vaccine shots didn’t get a similar letter threatening decertification. Fauci and the CDC’s Rochelle Wallensky both claimed the shot would keep us from getting COVID and keep us from spreading it. We know now those were lies, yet there is no report that the fabricators are being held responsible for their lies.


It seems Dr. McCullough’s biggest sin was to disagree with the communist-run World Health Organization (WHO), which claimed people around the world “have been safely vaccinated against COVID-19.” They claimed that Moderna and Pfizer vaccine shots “have been rigorously assessed for safety and clinical trials have shown that they provide a long-lasting immune response.”

That’s not what the current CDC research claims at all. Recent studies show that the efficacy of the shot falls quickly. (Which means it’s time to reap a bumper crop of boosters, cha-CHING!) Other studies show that vaccinated people are more likely to contract COVID than the unvaccinated.

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It sure seems like Dr. McCullough is being singled out because he’s standing up to attempts to line big Pharma’s pockets and the commie globalists’ push to hand power to the WHO.

“ABIM should be only concerned with my clinical track record, which is perfect,” the recalcitrant McCollugh declared. “Board scores and clinical practice are of the highest quality.”

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Educational Foundation (AAPSEF) filed a lawsuit against ABIM alleging a violation of the First Amendment rights of McCullough and other doctors who have dared to speak out. That suit is still pending.


The writing is on the wall: Fall in line or lose your livelihood. This is no surprise. Biden called for the unvaccinated to be fired. New York City’s former bolshie mayor Bill De Blasio wouldn’t allow the unvaccinated to buy a donut in a diner.

Let’s keep this in mind next week when we vote.



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