Church Drops Drag Queen After Learning He Was Involved in a Plot to Shoot up a School

A drag queen walks during the annual Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem, Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

As if a man in a dress shaking his a** in the face of children is not enough to get fired.

A Texas church dropped a “goth” drag queen from an all-ages “drag bingo” night after learning he was convicted in a 2004 plot to blaze up a school when he was 17 years old.


Jaysen Kettl, aka “Tisha Flowers” was scheduled to “perform” at a sold-out, all-ages fandango for the First Christian Church, which is part of the Disciples of Christ, the lefty faction of the non-denominational-but-sort-of-a-denomination Christian Church. Then adults got involved.

Kevin Whitt, Founder of Culture Warriors of America, did a little digging and learned that Kettl has a creepy, sinister past.

Kettl was the “mastermind” of a plot to torture and shoot people at his school. The plot was foiled, and he was arrested. Kettl was sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit capital murder. Prosecutors found a notebook with 12 pages of detailed, gruesome tortures that he and a 16-year-old female friend were planning for people at his school.


FACT-O-RAMA! If Kettl didn’t accept the plea deal, he would have also been charged with conspiracy to commit murder (which is a different charge from conspiracy to commit capital murder) and conspiracy to commit aggravated assault. If found guilty, he could have gotten life in prison.

“They described how they were going to torture some people. Nailing their hands to the table, chaining them to trees, before they killed certain people,” Assistant District Attorney Troy Johnson reported.

School officials learned of the plot and called the police. Investigators searched his home and found a backpack with hammers, nails, chains, and knives.

Kettl was quietly dropped from the September 24 “drag bingo” extravaganza when the church learned he plotted to kill roughly 20 people.

YOU OWE ME ONE-O-RAMA! Kettl’s social media is full of pictures of him wearing makeup or nothing at all. I cannot “unsee” it. I will not post the links. You’re welcome!

This is not the first trouble with drag queens and kids. Boise, Idaho recently canceled its “Drag Kids performance” on September 11 (of all days) after threats of protests and alleged violence.


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Another drag queen was busted stealing hundreds of dollars from a woman’s purse during a drag brunch show in Las Vegas. Yet another drag queen who “performed” for kids was charged with 25 counts of child pornography. A judge who sponsored “Drag Queen Story Hour” for children was also busted with child porn.

What have we learned? Keep your kids away from men in dresses.


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