Gangsta's Paradise: Illinois Democrats Pass New Law to Spread Chicago Crime to the Rest of the State

AP Photo/Teresa Crawford

Many of the thug-loving laws that have made Chicago an outhouse are spreading to the entire state of Illinois beginning Jan. 1, 2023.

The Illinois State legislature passed the almost 800-page, laughably named “SAFE-T Act” in the middle of the night, with only 40 minutes of public review. The only people who will be “safe” are the riffraff who feast on the innocent.


“SAFE-T Act” Fast Facts:

  • The new law eliminates cash bail for almost every crime, including 2nd-degree murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery.
  • Criminals with ankle bracelet locators who don’t show up to court can’t be pursued for 48 hours, giving them ample time to drive almost anywhere in North America.
  • Police will no longer be able to remove trespassers from your property.

Orland Park, Ill., Mayor Keith Pekau sounds the warning. In his two-minute rant about how insane this new bolshie law truly is, Pekau said, “Officers will no longer be able to remove trespassers from your residences or businesses. Someone could decide to live in your shed, and all we can do is give them a ticket. You have to decide what level of force is required to remove them and whether or not it’s legal.”


FACT-O-RAMA! In the 1976 film A Star Is Born, Kris Kristofferson sings a song called “Hellacious Acres,” which is about a city run by the devil where you can freely commit all the crimes you desire. It includes the line, “Forget the consequences, have a good time!”

Chicago is a glimmering example of how far-left, thug-hugging, commie politicians can gut a city. Now somehow the entire state of Illinois is jumping on the pinko bandwagon.

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Let’s look at some of the Windy City’s current crime tsunami stats:

  • There have been 2,526 shootings so far this year, 35 of which were mass shootings (four or more people shot, not including the shooter).
  • Chicago has seen 1,147 carjackings and only 75 arrests.
  • There have been 102 people who were shot in the keister (weird stat, but I found it funny).

METASTASIZE-O-RAMA!  Everything wrong with Chicago will spread to the whole state. Apparently, the state legislators are down with the clownish and prefer “woke” over law and order.

What can Illinois expect? A rampant increase in crime and chaos. Law-abiding people are likely to leave in droves, as we’ve seen in California and New York. Both states had so many people skedaddle that they each lost a Congressional seat. Those New Yorkers who fled the Democrats’ crime wave took $19.5 billion worth of wealth with them.

Buckle up, Illinois; everything you hate about Chicago is coming to you. Remember that on election day this November.


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