There are Millions of Cameras Around the World Made by a State-Run Chinese Company. Guess Whose Servers They Tried Connecting To?

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The exhaustingly politically correct Brits decided they needed to install cameras made by the Chinese throughout the UK. I’m not suggesting they went with a Chinese company due to “wokeness,” but I will say this: they recently arrested a decorated veteran for “causing anxiety” with a Twitter post.


Wanna know who the British police refused to arrest for almost a decade? Asian grooming gangs Muslim rapists, whom PJ Media’s own Robert Spencer has written about. Robert is the master-blaster at Jihad Watch and the author of “The Critical Quran” and has written about the systemic rape of British women by predominantly Muslim men.

Pardon my ADD. Let’s get back to how the Chinese commies spy on the world.

The UK’s Channel 4 News is reporting that British authorities have installed roughly “one million cameras in every aspect of British life” made by a Chinese company called “Hikvision.” They have been posted in schools, top-secret laboratories, and police buildings. And it’s not just the Brits who are using them. “They [Hikvision] are the biggest providers of surveillance technology on earth,” reported Channel 4 News.


The video says that no one knows just how many Hikvision cameras are posted worldwide—that’s about to become very important—though they are believed to own one-third of the market share and produce 36 million cameras per year.

SPIES-O-RAMA! Hikvision cameras are watching over almost one million Uyhgers currently detained in Chinese camps.

Italian news reported last year that there are 140 Hikvision cameras at an Italian airport, and they were caught trying to connect with Chinese servers, making 11,000 unauthorized requests per hour. Hikvision claimed it was due to “outdated codes.”

“I’ve now begun to describe this [Hikvision cameras] as digital asbestos,” said Prof. Fraser Sampson, the UK’s CCTV commissioner.

Fortunately, we Americans saw the spying on the wall and banned Hikvision. We aren’t “racists,” we just don’t like the Chi-coms watching us walking into Denny’s after a night of drinking.

FACT-O-RAMA! Hikvision claims the cameras are able to detect people’s stress and can report them as “suspicious.” They refer to this technology as the “tiger chair.”

This is not the first time the Chinese commies have been accused of spying on the world. Nor is it even the second. President Trump realized China was spying on Americans with their TikTok app. He tried to ban it. Guess who decided not to do that? The Big Guy.

Joe Biden, Hunter Biden
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

National Review wrote about it,

TikTok, one of the apps Biden decided not to ban, is one of the fastest growing social-media platforms in the world. It also appears to be very dangerous. If you are in doubt, please take some time to read the app’s new U.S.-based privacy policies. Here, you will read about the ways in which TikTok plans to collect biometric identifiers and biometric information. The data being collected include “faceprints,” which are digitally recorded representations of a person’s face, and “voiceprints,” which are digital recordings of a person’s unique vocal characteristics. Why does a Chinese-owned app need this information, and why specifically from American users? This “privacy” policy certainly sounds anything but private. In fact, it sounds downright invasive.

So the Chinese want to collect face and voice prints. What could go wrong?

Let’s not forget that the Chinese put spyware in sales tax software. American companies doing business with China were required to use the software, including a tech firm with business dealings with the Department of Defense.

This makes me want to go full Ron Swanson, live in the woods, and subsist on swamp water and squirrel meat.


Twitter-Brits were quick to ask the important questions: Who in their government has allowed Chinese spies into their society and why?

More importantly to us, why are any American companies agreeing to do business with China when we know they are spying on us every chance they get? What’s in it for them?

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