Did Hochul Inspire Zeldin's Attacker? Some Say Yes.

David Duprey

Is it just me, or are wackjob leftists getting a little too comfortable attacking conservatives?

Lee Zeldin, New York State’s GOP gubernatorial choice to send Hochul to the showers, was attacked on stage Thursday night. My buddy Matt Margolis has been covering this story.


The would-be assassin may have used a self-defense weapon preferred by women, usually referred to as “cat ears.”

You can buy them in metal and plastic.

The attacker was aiming for Zeldin’s throat. And yes, you read Matt’s headline correctly; the man who attacked the congressman is out of jail. Cops only held him for roughly two hours, compliments of the mushy-on-crime atmosphere that former Gov. Andrew Cuomo set up in New York.

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Can Hochul be blamed for the attack on Zeldin? New York Republican Party spokeswoman Jessica Proud says yes.

“The Hochul campaign’s rhetoric was incendiary and over the top,” Proud stated. “They ginned this up.”

Check out this headline from a “funny” media alert from Hochul’s campaign. The headline reads, “’Big Lie’ Lee Kicks Off Statewide ‘MAGA Republican’ Bus Tour. Joined by Far-Right Extremists, ‘Rolex’ Rob Astorino, and Trump’s Chick-fil-A runner Andrew Giuliani.”


Hochul was quick to anathematize the attack she may have “ginned up.”

Now is a good time to remind you that a man recently attempted to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh, and a Bernie bro shot up a handful of Republicans on a baseball field, including Minority Whip Leader Steve Scalise, in 2017.

We also watched the pink-haired, genderless freakshow known as Antifa burn blue cities to the ground with near impunity. Kamala Harris pimped a bail fund to help release those who were arrested so they could get back on the streets to continue fighting cops, setting fires, and causing between $1 billion and $2 billion in damages.

The Democrats may or may not be inspiring violence, but with no bail laws and their turn-a-blind-eye approach to their brownshirts, they sure are making it easy.


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