Blanco Supremacy! Mexican Illegal Alien Painted Swastikas in D.C., Won't Be Deported

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Nothing makes me chuckle more than this formula:

  • racist graffiti appears
  • leftists scream “WHITE SUPREMACY!!!”
  • a minority is arrested for the crime
  • criminal gets a pass

Every time someone finds a symbol of hate (noose, swastika, BLM flag), the left poops their crocs and bangs the gong of white hatred. Then they PRAY the police arrest some white trash troglodyte in a MAGA hat. That’s what they were hoping for when swastikas appeared on the walls of Washington D.C.’s Union Station around Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Wrong again, my delicate fur-babies.

Police arrested 34-year-old inmigrante ilegal Geraldo Pando. He is Mexican.

Fun Facts about Geraldo Pando;

  • he has a rap sheet 35 pages long, just from Colorado
  • he has been deported back to Mexico twice
  • he was arrested a week earlier for vandalizing the U.S. Capitol Police headquarters and was released

But here is the cherry on the top of this delicious slice of crow pie: Pando can’t be deported under Biden’s immigration laws.

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Now, the fun begins.

Check out what this low-T rando had to say about the swastikas:


Ouch! Actually Mr. Timmer, this is the handiwork of Democrats. As mentioned, leftist policies allow this hate-monger to remain in our country. Not the GOP, not your orange boogeyman. This bigot is all but sponsored by the Democrat Party.

FACT-O-RAMA! I have no idea who Jeff Timmer is. His Twitter page might be a farcical profile. A brief view of his Twitter page (if real) tells me he fancies himself a chuckle-hustler, though he seems much better suited as a pitchman for ED pills.

Reporters at CNN pulled up their pants long enough to report that an arrest had been made. Oddly, amazingly, they somehow “forgot” to mention the very Hispanic name of the hate-peddler, Geraldo Pando. They also chose not to mention Pando’s excessive arrest record or that he had been booted out of the U.S. twice before.

If the vandal had been a white man, Don Lemon would have needed a cold shower before reporting on it.

Zoinks! That’s not a white man with the “Let’s Go Brandon” flag!



CNN did mention that Pando “might” be “unhoused” and “suffer from mental illness,” even though he was mentally healthy enough to make his way back to the U.S. after two deportations.

Again and again, the left won’t allow a minority to take responsibility for their crimes, even though Pando drew his Nazi symbols mere hours after Holocaust Remembrance Day.

You already know this but I’m going to say it again anyway: hatred and bigotry are okay with the Democrats if the offenders have the correct skin color.


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