Bodies Are Stacking Up as Progressive Politicians Blame Everything but Themselves

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Police officers are being shot nationwide. A young girl in Chicago took two stray bullets to the head and died. Thus far this year, the nation has had 27 mass shootings.


Who or what is to blame? That depends on whom you ask, and sometimes, which news outlet is reporting.

New York State

New York’s “progressive” governor, Kathy Hochul, blames “illegal guns” for the recent shootings of two New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers, one of whom died. He was a 22-year-old rookie.

“We have a moral obligation to do everything we can to fight the scourge of illegal guns on our streets,”  Hochul said in a statement. “Too many lives have been lost because of illegal firearms that should never have been on our streets.”

The cop-killer, Lashawn McNeil, used a gun he wasn’t legally allowed to own, with a 50-round drum magazine that is illegal in New York state.

So, who or what is to blame? Spoiler alert: the illegal gun didn’t load and fire itself. Maybe guns aren’t the real scourge here.


An eight-year-old girl was hit by two “stray bullets” in Chicago. The bullets weren’t “stray” like a cat; they were purposely fired. Every indication is that the shooting was gang-related. That didn’t keep local residents from taking to the streets to advocate for “access to mental health care services.”

With the exception of Tony Soprano, how many gangsters are seeking a good shink for therapy?


FACT-O-RAMA! As of this writing, 179 people — a 9% rise from 2021 — have been shot in Chicago already this year. Overall, 4,542 were shot in 2021.

Chicago’s leftist mayor, Lori Lightfoot, thanked the girl’s neighbors for “surrounding Melissa’s mother with love as she grieves the loss of her daughter.”

What Lightfoot and her state’s attorney, Kim Foxx, have failed to do is create a situation where a gang-banger might think twice about firing a weapon in the direction of a child. (Word on the street is there is a video showing the gang-related shooter firing his gun even though the young girl was in clear view).

Foxx has long been accused of letting violent felons out of jail, and it’s more than an accusation. It’s been happening for a while now.

If I were gangbanger, I’d feel empowered to commit all the violent crimes I want. What’s going to happen to me?

FACT-O-RAMA! By mid-2020, Kim Foxx had dropped over 25,000 felony charges, including charges for shootings, murder, and sex crimes.

Mayor Lightfoot is on the same page as her comrade Kathy Hochul; they blame the guns, not the person pulling the trigger or the leftist politicians who go easy on crime.


Just once I’d like to see a Democrat politician say, “Maybe letting criminals out of jail, ditching bail, and defunding the police was a horrible idea.”

Or better yet, blame the criminals.

Jason Riley, author of the 2014 book “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make it Hard For Blacks To Succeed,” hit the nail on the head.

Much more disturbing is that a half-century after the civil rights battles were fought and won, liberalism remains much more interested in making excuses for blacks than in reevaluating efforts to help them.”

There is nothing more convenient than an excuse, and leftists offer excuses for minority criminals every chance they get. It’s not the bad guy’s fault — it MUST be illegal guns, poverty, COVID, Trump, or “systemic racism” at fault for the massacre of minorities. Only a leftist could feel sorry for violent felons, even as their crimes result in dead kids of color.


There is no such thing as a “robbery gone bad”; that’s called MURDER. The press and the police need to stop using this phrase, as it implies that the murderer somehow had no choice but to shoot his victim — in this case, a 51-year-old grandmother. The criminal tried to rob the woman, she said no, and the man pulled a gun and killed her. He could have chosen to walk away, get a job, and live a crime-free life. (If the criminal hadn’t chosen to shoot the victim, would this be a “robbery gone well”?) Everyone has choices. This clown chose to rob a woman, and he chose to shoot her when she wouldn’t comply.


New York City

To his credit, New York City’s new Democrat mayor, Eric Adams, has vowed to bring back the plainclothes anti-gun unit, even though BLM has threatened riots if he does so. Past mayor Bill de Blasio disbanded the unit after BLM cried foul and claimed the unit unfairly targeted black men. What the unit actually did was target felons, regardless of race. What happened when the unit was disbanded? Crime in New York City soared, and most of the victims were innocent black people.

In short, BLM is getting black people killed.

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The left needs to understand the following:

  • defunding the police, letting criminals out, and doing away with bail — all progressive policies — are getting people killed. Usually minorities;
  • BLM is a joke. Giving in to their demands has led to the slaughter of black people;
  • guns don’t fire themselves;
  • gangbangers don’t need a good shrink, they need to go to prison; and
  • making criminals, not their weapons, take responsibility and pay the price for their crimes will keep violent offenders off the streets.

This may not be a popular notion with libs, but bad people need to go to prison. Their crimes, not their skin color, should determine how long they spend in prison.


Also, the voters need to wake up. Voting Democrat is getting people, usually of color, killed at record-setting rates. White libtards vote for Democrats and minority communities pay the price.

I must say, the Democrats are masterful at making their voters hate Republicans even while liberal ideals are getting black people killed in record numbers, and turning blue cities into crime-ridden flea-pits.


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