NFL Player's Naked Stroll Ends in a Tasing, Bro

(AP Photo/David Richard)

The Cleveland Browns’ Malik McDowell went for a naked stroll in Florida (of course) on Monday. At one point, he entered a learning center in Deerfield Park, still naked. He eventually attacked a cop, and that’s when McDowell’s nude romp got serious. He was tased and forced to the ground, where his wrists and ankles were cuffed.


For better or worse, a lot of it was caught on video.

McDowell was charged with aggravated battery on an officer, resisting arrest, and exposing sex organs in public.


The naked saunter was caught on numerous cameras from various angles, including from drivers passing by. Some video and pictures show the naked defensive lineman laughing while surrounded by cops before they lifted him onto a stretcher and took him away.

Though this isn’t McDowell’s first scrape with the law, it does appear to be the first where he was naked. He was arrested previously for DUI and for fighting with cops in Michigan. He attempted to grab one police officer’s gun and spent 66 days in a Michigan jail.

Video has emerged showing McDowell clothed and behaving normally at a gym an hour before his naked mosey.

Police have not yet charged McDowell with being on drugs, but McDowell’s attorney suggested that “someone may have slipped him something.”


McDowell was signed to play this past season with the Cleveland Browns. He is now a free agent. The Browns released a statement about McDowell and his arrest.

We are aware of the very concerning incident and arrest involving Malik McDowell and are in the process of gathering more information. We understand the severity of this matter and our thoughts are for the well-being of all involved. We will have no further comment at this time.

McDowell was released Tuesday on $27,000 bail. He walked out of police custody clothed and masked.




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