Crime-Swamped Philly Issues Pamphlet on How To Survive Carjackings

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The City of Brotherly violence is at it again!

Philadelphia is unable to control its violent carjacking criminals, so rather than double down on their efforts, they’ve released a handy-dandy pamphlet on how to not die while having your car stolen.


My favorite part of the convenient leaflet is “Tip: Exercise heightened awareness in carjacking hotspots” which includes parking lots, garages, gas stations, ATMs, and your own driveway. Basically everywhere cars go.

The Philadelphia Police Department’s (PPD) Facebook page claims there were 757 carjackings in 2021, a 34% increase from 2020. The PPD arrested 150 people and solved 93 carjackings, meaning they cracked just over 12% of all carjackings. Stellar!

FACT-O-RAMA! This isn’t the first time Philly has issued a brochure in the face of extreme violence. The Philly school superintendent once issued a brochure to Asian students about how to not annoy the black kids who were beating the hell out of them.


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The guide suggests you avoid any confrontation with the rascal looking to take away the car you use to get to work so that you can feed your family. And don’t forget to inform the scamp if your kid is in the back seat.

FACT-O-RAMA! Some states, like Michigan, allow lawfully armed citizens to shoot armed carjackers.

The PPD’s aptly named Commissioner, Danielle Outlaw, wrote this on the PPD’s Facebook page:

It is clear that carjackings are a crime of opportunity, and it is possible that a change in our daily routines – such as increased use of vehicles for delivery, curbside services, and ridesharing have provided increased opportunity for criminals. In addition, the COVID-19 Pandemic has normalized mask wearing, and this has provided additional opportunity for offenders to avoid catching their victim’s attention, as well as making it more difficult to identify perpetrators.

Carjackings are only getting worse. Philly has had over 90 carjackings thus far in 2022 compared to 24 at this point in 2021. That’s more than six per day.


Rep. Mary Scanlon (D-Penn.) was a recent victim of “auto redistribution” in Philadelphia when a couple of local teens decided to point a gun at her face and relieve her of her car keys. Her vehicle was found in Newark, Del.

A local resident named “Rosie” believes the problem is that the carjackers need “more jobs, more opportunity.”

Perhaps “Rosie” believes some midnight basketball courts would keep the young felons from pointing a gun at the heads of innocent drivers and demanding their keys.

Philly police believe that social media makes thugs think carjacking is easy to get away with. They also want their citizens to know it’s happening elsewhere, not just in Philadelphia. Oh, and those COVID masks aren’t helping either.


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