What Kind of People Would Fake a Hate Crime? Leftists!

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Apparently white people aren’t committing enough hate crimes. That’s not a problem because leftists, particularly minorities, are happy to fake some. A LOT, actually. After all, how can the leftists stigmatize conservative white people if the caucasian boogeyman isn’t attacking minorities?


Speaking of hoaxes, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) lied and tried to pretend hate crimes against minorities saw a substantial rise after Trump decided to run for president. Not only was this a lie, they somehow failed to mention the 2,000 bigoted attacks against white students by minority students.

In reality, hate hoaxes exploded. Leftists couldn’t wait to vilify Trump and his legions. If that means accusing 13-year-old white boys of holding down a black girl and cutting off her dreadlocks, so be it.

Many fake hate crimes have involved attacking minority churches and mosques. In 2016, a black man spray-painted “Vote Trump” on the church he attended and then burned it. In 2017, “anonymous sources confirmed” to CNN that Trump-loving white nationalists burned a mosque, though it turned out to be Aisha Ismail, who isn’t a white nationalist at all. Muslims accused “Trumpsters” of attacking them nationwide. Liberals, anxious to believe Trump’s followers are evil and too “woke” to even think a minority might lie, ate up the BS.


FakeHateCrimes.org has posted 449 fake hate crimes. Virtually every hoax has two similarities: every victim is a minority and every “attacker” is white.

Many of the lies involve nooses left somewhere near where black people convene. Colleges seem to be a popular place to fake some hate.

The U.S. isn’t the only country with hate hoaxers. A 13-year-old schoolgirl in France made up a story about a teacher telling Muslim students to leave the classroom so that he could show an anti-Mulsim cartoon. He was beheaded over the lie.

The Jussie Smollett case is hilarious. He told cops that he went out for a sandwich at 2:00 am in Chicago when the temperature was -16 Fahrenheit. Two white guys in MAGA hats (in Chicago???) serendipitously happened upon him and luckily had their racist-attack kit, replete with bleach and a noose. If lies were hamburgers, this would be a whopper.

Liberal celebs came out in force to support an actor few had heard of, over a story no one with a brain cell could believe. As stupid as this lie was, they HAD to believe it was true. They needed it to be true. If there’s one thing the left hates, it’s the destruction of the narrative that conservative white people are all seething racists.


I’ve always said, “No one guards their wallet like a pickpocket.” The truth is, virtually every hate crime comes from a hateful leftist. They’re so eager to “prove” conservative white people are full of hatred that they will “fake it ’til they make it.”

The truth about REAL hate crimes looks pretty similar. Percentage-wise, the black population is way over-represented when it comes to committing bigot-related violence.

FACT-O-RAMA! As of the 2020 census, white people make up 57.8% of the population and commit 55.1% of hate crimes. Black people are 12.1% of the population but commit 21.2% of hate crimes, almost twice as many crimes as their population would suggest.

New York City’s anti-Asian carnage of 2020, which continues today, showed us that 90% of the perpetrators aren’t drooling white nationalists in MAGA hats.

Despite what the left believes, or wants to believe, the people with a “coexist” sticker on their Priuses are more likely to commit a fake hate crime than the white guy in a pickup. Yet white conservatives are somehow the “bigots.”


It’s time for the left to clean their own yard. If conservative white people were as hateful as the libs need to believe, they wouldn’t have to lie about phantom nooses, make-believe racist graffiti, and hateful hobgoblins swiping hijabs off the heads of Muslim women.

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