Reps. Greene and Gohmert Finally Met the J6 Political Prisoners: What They Saw Isn't Pretty

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene today released “Unusually Cruel- An Eyewitness Report From Inside The DC Jail,” her report about what she saw when she was finally allowed to meet the January 6 political prisoners.


Reps. Greene, Gohmert, Gaetz, and Gosar tried, unsuccessfully, to visit the January 6 political prisoners twice earlier this year. They were turned back for no stated reasons. They sent a congressional letter and forced a confrontation with the D.C. mayor’s office and the Washington D.C. Department of Corrections (DOC) staff just so they could inspect a jail that “they have the right, prerogative, and duty as of Members of Congress to inquire and inspect.”

Greene and Gohmert (and their respective staffs) finally got to tour the D.C. jail where the J6 inmates are held, though the jail staff DID try to end the tour of the jail before the reps got to meet the political prisoners.

“What is there to hide?” Gohmert pressed. “The complaint has been that they’ve been treated
differently than the other detainees. I thought tonight we were going to find out.”

At that point, the tour had already lasted two hours and Greene and Gohmert hadn’t yet met a single J6 inmate. After an 11-minute discussion, the tour went forward.

Greene and Gohmert met with roughly 40 J6 inmates, in what Greene described as a noticeably older part of the prison, which appeared to have not been updated recently, unlike the rest of the prison.


The political prisoners cheered as they met Gohmert and Greene. Some cried and all were visibly shaken (they were the only inmates on the tour to cry). They lined up to shake hands with Greene and Gohmert and began chanting “U-S-A! U-S-A!”

Takeaways from Greene’s report include:

  • Inmates claim they aren’t allowed to see their lawyers or family members
  • They aren’t allowed to get a haircut unless they are vaccinated. Some use Nair hair remover on their heads. Some keep their hair long.
  • Some of the J6 political prisoners claimed their cells were infested with rats and bedbugs when they first arrived.
  • They claimed the U.S. Marshals Service came through several days before the Green-Gohmert visit to paint and scrub dirt and mold from the showers. There were still visible signs of dirt and mold in the shower section.
  • One inmate told Greene his toilet doesn’t work. He has to wait until he is let out of his cell to use a restroom.
  • The inmates aren’t allowed to attend religious services so they hold their own.
  • Several inmates need medical attention. One has a broken finger. A seventy-one-year-old inmate, Lonnie Leroy Coffman, who hasn’t seen a doctor, watched as his lower forearm has turned purple and his thumb turned black. The other inmates suggested that if anyone can be released, it should be Lonnie.

As the meeting was wrapping up, Greene said the following to the detainees,

I was upset about the riot on January 6. I don’t call it an insurrection—it wasn’t—but I
was upset. But I’m here because I really, truly am worried that you all are being treated
poorly and it’s a human rights abuse and it’s an abuse of your civil rights and you should
be presumed innocent before proven guilty. And I believe in a good justice system and
that you should be treated fairly, just like the rest of the people here that I saw tonight
who are really being treated very well.
I think that should be extended to every single person regardless of politics or skin color
or what you’re being charged with. We’ve heard terrible things and I want you to know
that Congressman Gohmert and I have basically refused to back down on this issue.
The America we know is not a racist country. We want people to be receiving fairness in
the justice system.

Greene’s report is disturbing and damning. It highlights the brutal and unconstitutional treatment of J6 prisoners at the hands of Biden’s legal system. J6 inmates have been beaten. The prisoners complain of chemicals and pubic hair in their food.

The conclusion to her report starts with the following,

The congressional visit to the D.C. jail on November 4 unquestionably proved that there is a twotrack justice system in the United States. This two-tiered system is not based on race, violence, or conviction of crime, but politics.


Other inmates have access to flat-screen TVs, (largely anti-American) reading materials, and medical care.

The report goes on to skewer the D.C. jail, those who allow the unfair treatment of the J6 political prisoners, and everyone who has tried to keep the reps out. It goes on to mention how other inmates are given access to the Koran and CRT literature.

Greene and Gohmert promised to keep fighting for the J6 inmates. As Green and Gohmert were leaving, the prisoners chanted “U-S-A!” and “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

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