First The Virginia Elections, Now The Rittenhouse Verdict — It's Good To Be a REAL American

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November has been a bad month for Democrats, commies, Antifa,..wait, that’s all redundant. Let me re-phrase that: ShaZAM! America is waking up!

Patriotic Americans cheered as Republicans pounded Democrats in elections in Virginia and Long Island, N.Y. and sent a message in New Jersey. The message is this: parents are sick of school boards nationwide bringing critical race theory to our kids. Vile rapists need to be dealt with harshly, not transferred to other schools to assault more young girls. Commie nonsense has no place in the U.S.A. Pack it up, pinkos.


The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, not guilty on all counts, sends another message. Patriotic Americans are tired of having our cities burned and looted, especially over a sexual predator like Jacob Blake, who also resisted arrest and went to his car for a knife as police tried to cuff him.

Rittenhouse went to Kenosha, Wisc. to clean graffiti, help injured people, and douse fires, all of which were compliments of Antifa and BLM. Rittenhouse was attacked by, and subsequently perforated, three sally-lads from Antifa. Two are dead, one of whom was a serial child rapist.

The lefty press, the Kenosha prosecutors, and even President Peepants tried to paint Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist” who went to Kenosha hoping to kill people. The commie prosecutor tried to send Rittenhouse to prison for the rest of his life, even after watching videos of anarchists attacking him, including Gaige Grosskreutz, who had an illegally concealed pistol in his pocket, which he brandished and then pointed at Rittenhouse. Oddly, Grosskreutz was never arrested.

Today, the jury sent a number of messages to the nation and especially to the pinkos:

  • You can’t burn our towns and attack people who oppose your anarchy,
  • The jury wouldn’t be frightened into denying a man justice,
  • Mobs do NOT rule.

It’s been a great November thus far, but more needs to be done. Our elected leaders are blowing trillions of dollars on nonsense. They are trying to force Americans to bend their knees and raise their sleeves or face unemployment.

The left is in panic mode and might even be trying to inflict as much commie damage as they can before the 2022 elections, which are looking to be a pinko massacre.

That aside, it’s a great day to be a patriotic American. Be sure to throw a little pepper at your Facebook trolls today. They deserve it!



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