The World is Going Full Commietard — It's Time To Stand Up

Merie Weismiller Wallace

I hate to be the boy who cried “worldwide commie take-over,” but have you seen what’s happening around the planet? The people in charge are using an easily survivable flu to control billions of people. And remember, what happens in Australia doesn’t stay in Australia. It’s coming here too.


Just for funzies, watch this roughly 1-minute video of President Pee-pants and relish in his lie where he stated he would not mandate a vaccine, and how he will ask people to wear a mask for only 100 days. This video is almost one year old.


Police in Austria, the birthplace of Adolph Hitler, will now be carrying out “spot checks” to see if people walking the streets have their vaccination papers. My, how things haven’t changed.

In what seems eerily similar to Nazi Germany New York City, the unvaccinated are already banned from entering bars, restaurants, and the like. Now they are being sent to their rooms without dinner. Austria is locking down unvaccinated people as of Monday, Nov. 15. The unvaxxed jackanapeses are “allowed” to leave only for work, groceries, and other essentials. The new lockdown will “only last ten days.” Where have we heard that before? Kids 12 years old and younger will not be locked down.

FACT-O-RAMA!  The world has known for 18 months that 66% of New Yorkers who caught the “China Sneeze” were locked down. So maybe let’s stop the lockdowns. Unless of course, this isn’t about COVID after all.

“As of tomorrow, every citizen, every person who lives in Austria must be aware that they can be checked by the police,” Interior Minister Karl Nehammer told the press. Heil!


Nearby Germany had 50,000 COVID cases in one day, a pandemic record, despite restrictions on the filthy unvaxxed and 69.1% of the nation being vaccinated as of Oct. 6. Achtung, baby, your anti-COVID plans are failing, unless your plan is communism, in which case you’re right on target.


Latvia is no stranger to communism and should know better. Or perhaps years of Nazi and commie rule have taken their toll. The country of 1.9 million people has decided to ban unvaccinated lawmakers from all meetings, in-person and remote (I don’t recall COVID being transmissible via Zoom), until July 1, 2022.  Meaning, legislators who oppose the vaccine will be silenced for the next eight and a half months. They will also have their pay docked. Pure pinko!


Mao, what a feeling! The land down-under went all-in for Marxism and isn’t stopping. Brutal lockdowns were followed by insane mandates. Now Australia is a Stasi-like police state.

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Young kids without a mask have been pepper-sprayed by the cops.


The chief health honcho of New South Wales told people they shouldn’t talk to their friends and neighbors unless they were talking them out of protesting. If that didn’t work, Australians were allowed to talk to the police and rat them out.


What could be worse? How about the military going door-to-door to make sure you’re obeying the Stalinists in charge. Not to mention, you might find yourself in a COVID camp.

What’s next for Australia? How much worse can it get? It’s not like their government is going to seize banks accounts and real estate owned by those who don’t pay their COVID fines, right? Uh-oh…

This next move is not only from the commie playbook, but the Nazis did this to Jews as well. Freeze and seize. The Australian government is freezing bank accounts, and seizing the homes of those who have been issued a fine for not playing by the state’s insane COVID rules. Some people will lose licenses as well. All over a virus that 99% of Australians recover from.

The United States

We went from 15 days to flatten the curve, to 30 days, to a 45-day lockdown. Some states were locked down, in part, from March 2020-June 2021. Healthy people were forced to stay home, even though many of those elected leaders broke their own COVID rules. We were told to wear masks, even though most are marginally effective. That disposable, blue mask we see everywhere is 38.5% effective. Your Dallas Cowboys, three-layer knitted cotton mask is 26.5% effective. Would you trust a birth control pill that is 38.5% effective? Would you get on a plane that is 26.5% likely to arrive safely?

As we saw in the Biden video above, he supposedly had no plans to mandate vaccination shots. How did “15 days to flatten the curve” turn into “bend your knee and raise your sleeve?” Because we allowed it to.

FACT-O-RAMA! Australians gave up their guns in 1996 after a mass shooting that killed 35 people.


For those who don’t think it will ever be that bad here at home, take a long look at what the Australian police are doing to their own citizens. It can, and likely will, happen here.

Do you still believe this is all about a flu virus?

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