The Left Is Driving Hatred Toward White People, and a Lot of White People Are Dying

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A gunman walked up to a family of three in an outdoor restaurant, pointed his gun at the one-year-old and said, “It’s time to die.” The 21-year-old father begged for this kid’s life and stood in front of his child. The shooter fired at the father several times, once in the head, and killed him. Then he danced on the man’s body. The shooter is black, the victim was white. We were too busy watching Biden’s FUBAR Afghanistan evacuation to notice. Also, the media didn’t talk too much about it.


“What was so strange is the guy that was shooting, they said he was smiling and laughing the whole time that he was shooting the guy,” a witness said.

The gunman also shot a second person, who survived.

The killer was videotaped firing his gun minutes earlier. A black man is nearest to him but it isn’t confirmed whether he was the target, as there are a bunch of people nearby.

The shooter claims he was “high on mushrooms” and that he “felt empowered.”

I may or may not have done mushrooms in college. All I allegedly did was laugh and watch my rug breathe.

We may never know if this shooting was race- or ‘shroom-related, or both. What we DO know is the leftist media spends a LOT of time demonizing white people, and the consequences are brutal and deadly.

Don Lemon loves blaming the nation’s problems on “white supremacy”. Odd, considering that most experts believe there are only about 5,000 Klan members nationwide, roughly the same number as captive tigers in the U.S. (some are white, kill them!).

If we are a nation of white supremacists, how did a black guy with the middle name “Hussein” get elected to our highest office—twice? Why are there so many black chiefs of police?


My favorite people are the stooges who have to go back decades to find examples of “white supremacy.”

That picture looks more like it’s from 1888.

Current crimes, not those from 1955, indicate something else might be going on. But that won’t stop CNN.

Yvonne Ruzich, 70, was sitting in her car outside the grocery store where she works at around 4:30 a.m., waiting for the store to open, when she was shot to death by Malique Long, a 17-year-old black kid with a history of violence and an accomplice. The police describe it as a “botched car-jacking” though it’s unknown if the thugs, already driving a stolen car, even attempted to take Ruzich’s vehicle. They fired a gun at the 70-year-old woman, who then took off. The gunmen ran up to her car as she tried to leave and shot her five more times. Why the elderly woman had to die is beyond comprehension. Did the thugs ever shoot anyone else, or was Ruzich just too tempting a target to let live? Was race an issue? More importantly, how many black-on-white murders do we need to see before we stop calling the killings “random” and start calling them a pattern? Most importantly, what—or who—is motivating a tidal wave of violent black-on-white crime?


FACT-O-RAMA! Two white guys were recently knocked unconscious in Chicago as women “twerked” in the street.

Ruzich isn’t the only older white lady to be murdered by a black person recently. Patricia May Grant, 72, was shot while working at a gas station in what authorities say was likely a robbery. 

Other recent black-on-white murders, which may or may not involve race, include:

I found roughly 15 more black-on-white murders from July that could post, but that’s not the point. The point is, the left is driving hatred toward white people, and a lot of white people are paying the ultimate price.

Critical race theory (CRT) is the belief that white people are horrible humans that are responsible for everything bad in history. It’s blatant racism, and it’s being taught by leftist teachers to your kids, and sadly, it’s pushed in our own military. Even major corporations like Coco-Cola are onboard. They produced a tutorial teaching their employees to be “less white.” One slide instructs people to be”less white, less arrogant, less certain, less defensive, less ignorant and more humble.” Change the word “white” to “black” and Don Lemon’s non-binary head would explode.


Wow, we white people must really suck. I’m white and I want to beat myself up. Would it help if I “decenter whiteness” in my apartment? Or should I just “ethically” kill myself?

The FBI’s crime stats don’t back up Don Lemon’s racist narrative. In 2019, black people murdered more than twice as man white people as white people killed black people, despite white people outnumbering black folks roughly five to one. The stats were similar in 2013 and in 2015. They are similar every year, but I have to wrap this up.

When it comes to race, the difference between conservatives and pinkos is glaring: We allow people to sink or swim on their own merits. Skin color isn’t important. The left, on the other hand, hates white people and turns a blind eye to the wildly out-of-proportion black-on-white crime rates.

For a group that pretends to hate racism, the left is doing everything it can to keep black and white people fighting.

Some people think being black is exhausting. Try being an old white lady.








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