Your Labor Day Weekend Mass-Shooting Round-Up

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While most Americans spent the weekend chugging Coors Banquet (don’t judge me, I’m binge-watching “Cobra Kai”) and pounding hotdogs like Joey Chestnut, some knuckleheads decided it was a perfect weekend to catch up on their mass shootings.


Guns were a-blazin’ across the country this holiday weekend, with a whopping 15 shootings from Friday through Monday—three on Friday, five on Saturday, six on Sunday, and oddly, only one on Monday. Even trigger-happy wackos need a day of rest.

FACT-O-RAMA! A mass shooting is defined by the FBI as one that involves at least four victims, not including the shooter, in a fluid situation.

Ignore the fake news media. The demographics of mass shootings are not a mystery to people paying attention. 

Let’s get some fast facts about this past weekend’s Festival of Lead:

  • The youngest victim shot and killed was 3 months old
  • Nine victims were 17 years old or younger
  • Seventeen people died and 53 were injured
  • Most of the victims who were identified are black

Georgia had three mass shootings this weekend, more than any other state (New York, Louisiana, and Texas each had two). Pharoah Williams shot seven people in Athens, Ga., killing none. Another shooting took place at an overnight Black Pride event at a club in Atlanta, where five were shot, none killed. 

The smallest town with a weekend mass shooting was Warner Robins, Georgia. This mass shooting involved teen victims between the ages of 15-18. The shooting took place at a large party, where Tanyla Johnson, 15, was killed. She is one of four kids to die in the weekend’s mass shootings.


Parties, clubs, and, festivals seem to be shooting galleries in the United States. Four people were shot, three of them 16 years old, at the annual SantaCaliGon Days Festival in Independence, Missouri. Like most every other mass shooting, there were a ton of witnesses yet the media provided no description of the shooter other than to say he was a male.

The mass shooting with the most deaths, and the only one verified to involve a white, male shooter, was in Lakeland, Fla., where a Marine veteran killed four people, including a three-month-old, and injured two more. An 11-year-old girl was shot seven times but she survived. The shooter, Bryan Riley, had no known connection with the family he slaughtered and told his girlfriend he can “communicate with God.”

A Hispanic family of four was found shot to death in Houston, though authorities think the shooting may have taken place before Friday. The two children were ten and 13 years old.

Now that summer is over and the heat begins to fade, the number of monthly mass shootings will likely drop a bit. At least until the Jubilee of Violence that we call Thanksgiving.

A list of mass shootings over Labor Day weekend, 2021, as per the Gun Violence Archive.

DATE           LOCATION                # KILLED      # INJURED

9/3.              New Iberia, LA               1                   3

9/3.              Austin, TX                       1                   3

9/3.              Syracuse, NY                  0                   4


9/4.              Chicago, IL                      0                   5

9/4.              Birmingham, AL             2                   2

9/4.              Warner Robins, GA       1                   4

9/4.              Wash. D.C,                     3                   3

9/4.              Monroe, LA                    1                   3

9/5.              Houston, TX                   4                   0

9/5.              Cincinnati, OH               0                   4

9/5.              Lakeland, FL                  4                   2

9/5.              Athens, GA                    0                  6

9/5.              Bronx, NY                      0                  4

9/5.              Independence, MO     0                  4

9/6.              Atlanta, GA                   0                  5





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