Weekly Update About That Illness From Asia I Can't Mention

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Sorry to be so secretive but the jackpuddings over at Facebook don’t like our articles that mention the C-word. So instead of calling it C***D I’m going to refer to is as “Uncle Charlie.”

Things change weekly when it comes to that rascal, Uncle Charlie. As of now the bigwigs are saying we won’t see Lockdown 3.0. They also said:

  • Uncle Charlie can’t get to us from China (Fauci)
  • Oops, he just got here from China (Fauci)
  • Fifteen days to flatten the curve, (roughly 500 days ago)
  • Masks don’t work (Fauci)
  • I lied, masks work (Fauci)
  • I don’t trust Trump’s vaccine (Biden, Harris, Cuomo)
  • I suddenly trust the vaccine, so go get one (Biden, Harris, Cuomo)
  • We will be safe once we get the vaccine
  • This new Delta variant is a game-changer, we are hosed
  • The vaccine won’t be mandatory
  • Tou won’t need a booster
  • Never mind, businesses, concert halls, employers, and cities are making them mandatory
  • Quick, get the booster
  • I didn’t order those sick, old people back into the nursing homes, even though I signed the directive, and I never touched those lying skanks (Cuomo)

Here is my point: They say there won’t be another lockdown but they’ve lied, been wrong, and/or moved the goalposts so many times these twonks can’t be trusted. A huge majority, 66% of the people who snagged Uncle Charlie, got it at home. Lockdowns are deadly. They know it and now you know it.

FACT-O-RAMA! Leftard leaders nationwide use Uncle Charlie as an excuse to release criminals early, some of whom go on the commit redrum, when the science proves that less than 1% of Uncle Charlie’s victims came from the hoosegow.


In May 2021, Israel published findings showing the Pfizer vaccine was 95% effective at keeping Uncle Charlie at bay. Today they are saying it’s 39%.

The seven-day average death rate of people killed by Uncle Charlie in the U.S. is currently 553 per day, a far cry from the January 13 high when Uncle Charlie took down 3,644 people.

Uncle Charlie today ( the D@lta kind) is more contagious than the old Uncle Charlie from last year, but he kills far fewer people.

Nancy Pelosi is a vampire.

Twenty-seven people recently tested positive on a cruise ship and all were vaccinated.

We Don’t Get Fooled Again

As of July 20, 335 kids aged17 and under have been killed by Uncle Charlie. On that date, we had lost roughly 600,000 people to Uncle Charlie, which means .06% of all deaths were kids 17 and under.

You need an ID to get the vaccine but not to vote (in blue states). Let that sink in. If IDs are so hard for black folks to get, how will they get vaccinated? Now we know the libs lied about this the whole time.

What Have We Learned

We have learned that Fauci is a lying wombat and should be in jail. The media harps on how contagious Uncle Charlie is but fails to mention he is killing fewer people. Very few kids have died from Uncle Charlie but the miscreants in the media are really cranking up the fear factor for kids lately. They are desperate to control you.



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